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Since 1977, ACMO has been committed to educational excellence and led the way in delivering licensing education and continuing education opportunities for condominium managers.  In the fall of 2022, ACMO’s involvement in the delivery of licensing education ends as the CMRAO assumes responsibility for this. ACMO remains committed to being the premier educator of condominium managers in Ontario by continuing to provide educational seminars, events, networking opportunities and resources throughout the year. In addition, in the coming months and years, we will be expanding and diversifying our educational offerings and designations so that we:

The next evolution of ACMO’s continuing education strategy is our new ACMO Certificate Program - a series of continuing education courses delivered online to provide a higher level of knowledge and practical skills in specific condominium management topics. Gaining a certificate will build on the knowledge you acquired through the RCM Designation program, enhance your skillset and further differentiate you from those who only have the minimum general licence. Our first certificate course launched in November of 2021 with, “Advanced Plumbing and Water Management,” which received top marks from the 85 registrants who participated.

Soon, ACMO will introduce more courses under its Certificate Program covering a wide range of topics condominium managers need to stay current and competitive in today’s market. We are currently developing courses in Ethics, Conflict Management & Communications, and Occupational Health & Safety, with plans to introduce courses in Advanced Mechanical, Fire Safety, and Employment Standards. Beginning in 2023 we hope to offer approximately seven certificate courses annually and those wishing to achieve their RCM designation will be required to complete a number of certificate courses. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next continuing education seminar, certificate course or networking event! Check our event calendar for dates.

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