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CM (Condominium Manager) Magazine is the flagship quarterly publication of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and, for more than 30 years, has served as the leading source of in-depth coverage of industry news, issues, information, education and best practices for condominium management professionals and service providers.

CM Magazine has a printed circulation of 7,100+ per issue and a digital circulation of approximately 800 views per issue.  The audience consists of Condominium Managers, Condominium Management Companies, Industry Services & Trades Providers, and Condominium Boards. 

Article submission is not open to the general public. Only ACMO members in good standing may contribute articles. From time to time, we will reach out to the broader condominium industry and request articles from non-members and other industry experts (e.g. government partners, educational partners, legal experts), if the subject matter requires a distinctive perspective that cannot be addressed by an Affiliate ACMO member or company.

Article submissions from Associate Members are limited to one per year unless an article on a specific topic is requested by the editor of CM Magazine. 


Article word count is 750-1000 words. Content should be educational, informative and relevant to the condominium management field. For example, industry news, views on aspects of the condominium management field, evolving trends, how-to articles, case law, best practices, case studies, etc. All content should be original to CM Magazine and not published elsewhere. We ask that you do not publish your article in any other magazine, newsletter, or website for 2 months after the submission deadline.

Editorial and journalistic integrity is integral to ACMO’s public media mission. As such, articles must be educational, strive to be neutral, fair and accurate, free of strong bias and opinion, and avoid perpetuating prejudicial beliefs or demeaning attitudes. Articles must not actively promote or mention a proprietary product, company or service, as these are considered paid advertorials. Although there may be educational aspects to an article, if it reads like a sales pitch, the article will be declined. If you are interested in submitting sponsored content (advertorial), contact the ad manager at ads@acmo.org.

It is the author’s responsibility to obtain approval from third parties to include personal/business information and to ensure that information is factual, accurate, and free from bias, etc. Information obtained from other sources must be cited. Plagiarized articles, whether in part or entirely copied, will not be published. The author assumes any liability and repercussions for plagiarized content.

For each issue of CM Magazine, it is not unusual for us to receive more articles than can be accommodated. Some articles are better than others, and sometimes we receive several articles that cover the same topic.  As such, to help us determine whether your proposed article aligns with our editorial standards and is appropriate for our purposes, we require authors to submit an article abstract in advance. 


  1. Submit a 150-250 word summary of your article outlining the topic you are covering. Download the Abstract Submission Form here.  The abstract should express your central idea(s), background, key points and conclusion as well as demonstrate your writing style.  Send to editor@acmo.org
  2. Await approval from ACMO
  3. Prepare the article draft and submit it for consideration and review.  Download the Article Submission Form here.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: ACMO reserves the right to amend, reschedule or refuse all submissions at our sole discretion. Articles may be edited for content, grammar and length.  By submitting an article for publication, you agree to the above editorial policy terms.

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