Associate Code of Ethics

Download Code of Ethics (PDF)

ACMO Associates play an important role in enhancing the success and enjoyment of the condominium community lifestyle in Ontario.

This Code and the performance of its provisions by all ACMO Associates will promote the continued development of a mutually beneficial relationship between condominium corporations, residents, managers, suppliers and the general public.

Each Associate (including its directors, officers, representatives and staff) pledges to:

  1. Comply with the principles, declarations, by-laws and regulations of ACMO;
  2. Support, promote and enhance the objectives and reputation of ACMO;
  3. Seek and maintain a fair, honourable and cooperative association with fellow members of the condominium industry;
  4. Maintain reasonable knowledge of issues and developments pertaining to the condominium industry;
  5. Provide high-quality advice, service and/or products to the condominium industry;
  6. Develop, adopt and adhere to best practices and standards; maintain good standing within their respective professions, industries or trades, and carry all necessary insurance;
  7. Conduct business with fairness, integrity, and in an honest and forthright manner, and disclose any potential for conflict of interest;
  8. Negotiate all contracts in good faith without bribes, inappropriate incentives or concealed payments;
  9. Associate members are required to report any action that may represent a breach of this Code to the ACMO Ethics Committee for investigation;
  10. Comply with the laws of Ontario and Canada as applicable.