Member Testimonials

Occasionally, we receive unsolicited kudos from our members praising the association and its staff. We are pleased to share them here with you. 

From Suzanne P. Nicholls, RCM

"As a 30-year member this year of ACMO, I totally support the work that you do. Your luncheon seminars and the webinars that you produce provides invaluable practical information on the day to day managing of Condominiums.

ACMO members benefit from the knowledge and experience shared in these sessions. No other Condominium management organization offers these valuable seminars, especially for those of us who live outside of the GTA and cannot personally attend them.

Kudos to ACMO. Keep up your great work on behalf of Condominium Managers across the entire Province."

From Jessi-Lynn Langford, RCM

"I wanted to say thank you [Ashley] and thank you to the ACMO team.

I want you all to know that I really appreciate these webinars that are provided. I find them extremely helpful in my field. I feel blessed to have such a great support team at ACMO.

Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us managers afloat during this pandemic."

From William Colucci, RCM

"I just wanted to applaud you for the great work on the winter edition of PM Magazine. For a rare change I had extra time to read and particularly enjoyed “Snapshot”. The online service directory is wonderful - just what we needed.

Please keep up the good work."

From Karen Mergler, RCM (Retired)

"I commend ACMO for its work in setting distinctive standards for condominium managers. I have made good use of the exceptional resources that have been made available to me since I first attained my RCM, and thank you for the support and guidance that the Association has provided.

I wish ACMO and the membership all the best going forward in continuing to maintain high-level professionalism in condominium management in Ontario.