Welcome to ACMO Tech, a series of brief educational presentations that provide a concise, high-level overview of a wide range of condo management topics. If you’re interested in submitting an ACMO Tech presentation, please email info@acmo.org to request an RFP.


The Benefits of EV Charging Systems for Condominiums

Outlines the potential benefits, ROI and issues to consider when planning, installing and implementing an EV charging system in your condominium.

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Thermographic Inspections

This presentation provides an overview of Electrical Infrared Thermographic inspections and their benefits as a regular preventative maintenance tool.

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Alterations to the Common Elements & Assets of a Condominium

Explores the requirements and implications of sections 97 and 98 of the Condo Act relating to changes to the Common Elements and Assets of a condo, either by the condo corporation or owner. 

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Timeline for Annual General Meeting

This presentation will help you prepare an effective condo corporation AGM and covers the basics of meeting agendas, meeting notices,  nomination procedures, voting, proxies, achieving quorum, etc…

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Building Automation System: What Managers Need to Know

Provides an overview of the components, benefits and things to consider when employing Building Automation Systems (BAS) to centrally control condo HVAC systems.

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Concrete Deterioration and Repairs in Parking Garages

Explains how corrosion causes concrete delamintation and spalling and provides an overview of methods used for damage assessment, repair and resotration.  

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Managing Domestic Hot Water Circulation to Protect Piping & Save Energy

Explains how water recirculation systems rapidly move water from a boiler to the fixtures around a building, so residents get hot water in their taps right away.

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Plumbing Equipment that Requires Annual Service

Provides recomendations for annual servicing of overlooked plumbing fixtures to reduce disruption, down-time and local by-laws. 

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