ACMO Disciplinary Decisions

When an individual or company becomes a member of ACMO’s professional community, we encourage them to demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. This pursuit of a higher standard is the essence of the ACMO brand and what sets our members apart. We expect members to abide by our vigorous code of ethics, whether the Professional, Corporate or Associate Code of Ethics. We take complaints against our members very seriously and are subject to a complaints process established and administered by the ACMO Membership Standards Committee. On those rare occasions where a breach has occurred, the committee will determine and order appropriate disciplinary action ranging from recommending correction action and/or issuing a reprimand, to revocation of membership and professional designations held.  Recent decisions are listed below.



Name Infringement Code Decision Effective Date
Jhamtani, Anil
Code of Ethics Breach +/-
Breach of the CMSA and ACMO code of ethics re failure to maintain and transfer of records, unauthorized transfer of funds, failure to pay fees, etc.
Code of Professional Ethics Lifetime revocation of RCM and ACMO membership 2022-07-14
Moore, Michele
Code of Ethics Breach +/-
Breach of CMSA and ACMO code of ethics re: providing false or misleading information to the Corporation
Code of Professional Ethics Revocation of RCM and ACMO membership 2022-07-06
Larlyn Property Management
Conflict of Interest Breach +/-
Failure to comply with the CMSA and ACMO Code of Ethics re: timely transfer of documents, return of funds and provision of competent and responsive service.
Code of Corporate Ethics Temporary Suspension of ACMO 2000 Certification. *UPDATE: Suspension lifted and certification reinstated July 18, 2022 2022-04-06
Schneider, Elena
Conflict of Interest Breach  +/-
Failure to disclose a conflict of interest to employer and client in the procurement of contracted services.
Code of Professional Ethics Lifetime revocation of RCM Designation and ACMO Membership 2021-05-20