RCM Requirements & Application


The RCM designation is NOT the General Licence, which is issued by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO). While some of the criteria are similar for obtaining the General Licence and the RCM, the RCM is a voluntary designation created with an industry standard meant to set RCMs apart from other condominium managers.

To become an RCM, you must:

  1. Have completed the Condominium Management and Administration courses offered at the various colleges approved to offer ACMO courses, or in-house through your company (if approved by ACMO). There are four courses:


Have written and passed a Challenge Exam for each of the four areas listed above (in place of completing the course)

  1. Write the comprehensive RCM exam and achieve an overall grade of at least 75%. For those who have completed Challenge Exams, the requirement for the RCM exam is to achieve a grade of 75% on EACH of the four exam sections. (To write the RCM exam, you must be an Individual Member of ACMO).
  2. Have at least two consecutive years of experience in condominium property management, completing the required tasks as outlined on the RCM Designation form.
  3. Hold a valid General License issued by CMRAO.

RCM Designation form

Please note:

There are no exemptions granted for educational courses completed that are not ACMO courses.

If an applicant fails the RCM exam, they are permitted two rewrites.

Having obtained the RCM designation, the member must complete 20 Continuing Education points per year and maintain a valid General License issued by CMRAO. In becoming an RCM, the member also agrees to be governed by the ACMO Code of Professional Ethics. Members have full recourse to the complaints resolution procedure which accompanies the Code.

All applicants are required to pay applicable course, exam and membership fees.

Please be advised that the requirements to earn an RCM may change from time to time. It is the responsibility of the candidate to check this page, and the RCM Designation Application for the latest requirements. The requirements that will apply to a candidate’s RCM Designation application are the ones in force at the time of the submission of the application.