Committee Mandates

As part of ACMO’s 2020-2022 strategic planning process, the board undertook a committee review and reorganization with a view to optimizing the number, nature and purpose of ACMO’s committees to better support the execution of the strategic plan. The revised list of the committees and committee mandates are as follows:


Standing Committees;

Executive Committee

Mandate: The Executive Committee acts for and on behalf of the Board of Directors between regular Board meetings and is charged with attending to governance and operational matters, including HR and administration, contracts and agreements, volunteer and staff relationships, financial investments, IT maintenance.


Nominations Committee

Mandate: To manage the board nomination process including soliciting nominations from Voting Members and nominating eligible persons for election to the board at the Annual Meeting of the Association.


Membership & Programs Committee (new)

Mandate: To Provide advice and assistance in the planning, development, promotion and implementation of membership development initiatives, member programs and events, and value-added benefits in alignment with member needs and the association’s strategic operating plans.


Condominium Management Education Committee (new)

Mandate: To provide advice and assistance in the planning, development and implementation of all educational offerings and professional designations in alignment with member needs and the association’s strategic and operating plans.


Ad-Hoc Committees Formed as Required;

Membership Standards Committee

Mandate: To review membership and designation standards, complaints, and compliance with the Association’s Code of Ethics, policies and governing documents, and, after investigation, either dismiss complaints, suggest corrective action or refer such issues to the Discipline Committee as appropriate.

Discipline Committee

Mandate: To deal with complaints referred by the Membership Standards Committee.

Appeals Committee

Mandate: To deal with appeals related to decisions of the Discipline Committee.

Awards Selection Committee

Mandate: To annually solicit nominations and submissions for key ACMO Awards, provide for a confidential and objective judging process, and make periodic recommendations to improve the Awards Program.

Government Relations Committee

Mandate: To provide advice and assistance in the planning and execution of ACMO’s government relations and advocacy efforts