Registered Condominium Manager (RCM)  

What is the RCM Designation?

ACMO established the Registered Condominium Manager (RCM®) designation in 1983 for condominium managers wanting to pursue a higher standard and set themselves apart within the condo industry. Since its inception, the RCM has become widely recognized as the gold standard in condominium management and the mark of a dedicated professional committed to excellence and expertise in the field. Today, those who achieve the prestigious RCM designation voluntarily go above and beyond minimum licensing requirements.

What is the difference between an RCM and a General Licence?

In 2017, the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) came into being and required those managing condominiums to obtain a General Licence. While the education and experience requirements for the General Licence are similar to the requirements of the RCM designation, they are NOT the same, nor as vigorous. To achieve a General Licence a condominium manager must fulfill the CMRAO’s educational requirements and have 2 years of fulltime experience, however, there is no requirement that managers have primary responsibility for managing a condo, or to have experience completing specific tasks inherent to the role.

By contrast, those seeking the RCM must have their General License and 3 years of full-time work experience with primary/direct responsibility for managing a condominium corporation while having performed specific tasks such as: preparing and presenting board reports and financials at 8 board meetings; enforcing condo documents and procedures; supervising corporation staff, trades, and contractors; running an AGM; and preparing and presenting 2 annual budgets to a board. In addition to this, managers seeking the RCM must complete 5 ACMO Advanced Certificate Courses including the mandatory courses, Advanced Ethics in Condominium Management and Advanced Communication & Conflict Management.

Why Become an RCM?

RCMs are a proud group that love their profession and have a desire to be the best they can be. The majority of our RCM’s voluntarily achieved the designation long before mandatory licensing came into being, and it is this attitude and commitment to higher standards that separates them from the rest.

RCMs enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace and are preferred and sought after by both management firms and condominium corporations. As part of ACMO’s exclusive professional condominium management community RCMs are able to actively build their knowledge, expertise, network, and professional brand. In addition, ACMO stands behind our RCMs by actively promoting and raising awareness about the designation while lobbying the government to advocate for our industry and influence legislation impacting our profession.

Take your condominium management career to the next level and join our elite community of RCMs!

Earn Your RCM Designation



“It’s a career with limitless possibilities and having the RCM designation provides me with the professional authority needed for Ontario’s higher standards.” 

Craig McMillan, RCM


“Having the initials ‘RCM’ after my name lets the industry know I am reliable, accountable, honest, and ethical - the label implies a lot.”

Anne Burgoon, RCM


“Attaining and keeping the RCM designation means additional work and education requirements, but it also demonstrates that I am voluntarily achieving a higher standard for my owners and other stakeholders in the constantly evolving condominium industry.”

Mark E.Daye, RCM


“Being an RCM helped me advance from a property manager, to a senior manager, then a district manager, and gave me the confidence to own a business. An RCM designation gives you recognition, qualifications, and boosts your confidence.” 

Laura Lee, RCM