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Fall 2020 Issue
People from all walks of life have chosen the condominium lifestyle. How do you manage an inclusive, cooperative environment that brings out the best in everyone? In this issue, we discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in managing a diverse community.

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Compliance and Mental Health Disability in Condominiums

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Deborah Howden

People suffering from mental illness in a condominium setting, as in any community, represent a diverse group. They are persons experiencing many different types of health conditions, including anxiety, depression, phobias, hoarding, paranoia, schizophrenia, and dementia – and the list goes on. Each disability condition can range from mild to severe. Some people with mental illness require accommodation within the condominium setting – many others do not.

Condo Culture: Crossing Global Borders to Strengthen Neighbourly Bonds

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Maryan Florio, RCM

Understanding your building’s cultural demographics is essential to build a sense of community, especially if there is a heavy concentration of residents in the building with ties to the same culture or region of the world.

Creating Meaningful Diversity in Your Workplace Can Lead to Better Business

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Brian Bosscher

This could be the year that companies really start taking active steps to improve diversity in the workplace, but change won’t happen on its own.

Diversity and Inclusion in Condominiums

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Stephanie Sutherland, MSc

The many advantages of condominium living mean that this lifestyle is appealing to a variety of different individuals. This diversity of condominium owners and occupants has the potential to create wonderful, well-rounded communities, but it can also present challenges, particularly when there is a lack of understanding about differences between the various populations.

Diversity: My Own Journey

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Ruki Mohamedbhai, RCM

The issue of systemic racism needs to acknowledged and confronted. It challenges our perceived roles and makes us complicit in what is happening today. Whether an organization or society, everyone plays a key role in accepting, and most importantly, embracing our differences, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Bill Lang, RCM

Condominium corporations and directors should encourage more diversity among the owners who run for their boards. Currently, people from minority backgrounds are underrepresented in board positions. Too few are even remotely interested in running for open positions.

The Law Around Service Animals in Ontario

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Denise Lash

In this article, we outline the service animal laws that condominiums must follow in responding to accommodation requests and the various legal definitions that apply to service animals in Ontario.

Through Another’s Eyes: Helping Diverse Condominium Communities Thrive!

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Kirsten Dale, RCM

Few moments of my career will ever compare to the day I arrived at work to a protest outside of the management office because of Christmas decorations.

The Impending Deadline for Transitional General Licensees

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Dean McCabe

The impending deadline for Transitional General Licensees to complete the transition and obtain their General License has created a fear that many experienced managers will choose to walk away from the profession rather than complete the educational requirements.

The Importance of Maintaining Membership

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Henry Dwinnell

Retaining both my ACMO membership and the RCM designation has been, and continues to be, important to me and my career for a variety of reasons.


Leader of the Year

Feature || Harold Cipin

I received my RCM in May of 2000. Looking back, it was challenging and time-consuming to balance going back to school with learning a new job and raising a young family. But in the end, it was all worth it because obtaining my RCM has validated my career, and a true career was what I was looking for.

What Does Being an RCM Mean to You?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Michael Trendota, William Colucci, Jasmina Bahtijarevic

We asked three condominium managers what it means to hold their RCM designation.

What Does or Can RCM Mean?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Jason Shaw

Looking back to when I first considered this industry and designation, my initial interest in obtaining the RCM was as an investment in myself and my career. From that perspective, I think the answer has two parts; what does being and RCM mean to me now? And what will it mean in the future?

Why Does an RCM Designation Matter to Condominium Security?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Winston Stewart

When we think of their responsibilities, we think of everything from managing building maintenance and capital upgrades to hiring staff and working with condominium boards, to providing effective financial oversight for the property. What we don’t often consider is how security factors into a condominium manager’s duties.

A Brief History of the RCM Designation

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Ronald Outram

On Friday, March 30, 1984, eighteen practicing condominium property managers were presented with a certificate acknowledging they had achieved the requirements by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario.