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Summer 2024 Issue
Dealing With Harassment in The Condominium!
This issue will delve into proactive strategies and tactics for dealing with ever increasing levels of abuse and harassment experienced by condominium managers and directors, and what can be done practically and legally to address the problem and provide adequate security and protection for your community.

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Addressing The Energy Elephant In The Room

Budgeting & Enhancing Condo Value During Uncertain Times

Feature || Fan Fong, Director, Energy Management, Complete Energy Solutions, part of the Complete Group of Companies

The Overlooked Rewards of a Career in Condo Management

The Manager Shortage

Feature || By Dean McCabe, RCM

Condominium Management is a profession that, although it is almost 50 years old, is also very much in its infancy.  The changes that the Ontario government introduced in 2017 served as a reset for our profession.  The introduction of licensing began a new era that began to draw young people to the profession and frankly provided incentive for others to search for new opportunities outside of the management profession.

Arbitration is Not the Goal

Judicial Matters

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Clarifying a common misconception about the use of arbitration to resolve condominium conflict.


Judicial Matters

Feature || Response by Eric Plant, RCM

An advice column where you can ask any question or share a difficult situation relating to condominium management anonymously, and we will endeavour to find an appropriate expert in the field and publish an answer with some advice. Ask the hard questions you may have been afraid to ask for fear of repercussions. Your full name or company will never be published or shared.

Navigating the CAT

Judicial Matters

Feature || Tony Bui

The origin of any CAT proceeding can be unpredictable: from trivial records disputes to enforcing dangerous pet prohibitions, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Regardless of the issue, here are some tips to help property managers navigate CAT proceedings.

Oversized Trucks & Shrinking Parking Spaces

Judicial Matters

Feature || Armand Conant & Evan Holt

As the urban landscape continues to evolve and public transit expands, many condominium corporations face increasing challenges related to oversized trucks in inadequately sized parking spaces. This can create logistical problems, safety concerns, and disputes among residents. What Can a Condominium Corporation Do to Maintain Order?

The CAT: By the Numbers

Judicial Matters

Feature || Robert Mullin

Are there trends or predilections the CAT may follow in their decision-making? Can a condominium board, a property manager, a unit owner or a lawyer expect or anticipate certain results before the CAT?

The CMRAO Complaints Process

Judicial Matters

Feature || Sandy Vizely

The notion that a condo manager could lose their licence based on a single complaint would be unsettling. Fortunately, this does not reflect how the CMRAO’s complaints process works.

The Critical Role of Formal Policies in Complaint Resolution

Judicial Matters

Feature || Vadim Koyen

Although the CMRAO regulates condo management services, the authority prefers owner complaints go through condo management and boards first. They expect all parties to act in good faith throughout the complaints process. As a result, having a transparent, formal Condo Management Complaint Policy allows complaints related to the Condominium Management Services Act (CMSA) to be resolved before they escalate.

The Wrath of Condo Rules Enforcement

Judicial Matters

Feature || Bill Lang, RCM

We’ve all heard the old adage that when you buy a condo, you also buy its legal documents and rules. Any property manager worth their salt knows how much of a joy it can be navigating complex condo communities through drafting rules and regulations, let alone enforcing them. Here are some lessons and steps managers and directors can take away.

When and How to Engage a Condo Lawyer

Judicial Matters

Feature || John Recker, RCM

In the realm of condominium management, having a trusted condo lawyer by your side is essential. Engaging a solicitor at the right time and establishing a long-term relationship can significantly benefit the condo corporation, the board of directors, and the manager. This article will explore when to involve a condo lawyer, the factors to consider when choosing one, and the value of maintaining an enduring partnership with your legal counsel.

Can Condos Deal with the Coming Reserve Fund Shock?

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Nancy Longueira, Stefan Nespoli, Stephanie Robinson, Sally Thompson, Justin Tudor

Construction price inflation has been significantly higher than consumer inflation over the last three years. Reserve fund study updates completed this year and in 2024-2025 will have to reflect this significant increase in costs even for those projects that are in the distant future.

Important Legal Steps for New Condominiums

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Joel Berkovitz, and Mohiminol Khandaker

Like newborn babies, a newly registered condominium corporation quickly goes through a number of developmental milestones on its way to becoming a fully functioning building. Many of these milestones occur within the one-year period following either registration or turnover. This article summarizes some of these key developments.

Is Networking Really Essential?

Profession Development for Managers

Feature || Sonia Ojha

The connections you make during a networking event will provide information, referrals, or opportunities for the future. Networking isn’t just crucial in today’s business world; it’s necessary!

Navigating Tarion & Warranty Protections for Condominium Common Elements

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Ryan Haley

In Ontario, every new residential condominium built and sold comes with a seven-year warranty that starts on the condominium corporation’s registration date. For that reason, it is important for you as a condominium manager to be aware of the age of your condominium, as certain warranties and protection may still apply to the common elements.