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Summer 2021 Issue
To err is human; and we are only human after all. Making a mistake can be a learning experience, but for condominium managers, there is an expectation of perfection. This issue delves into the politics of making mistakes, how to admit errors, and how overcome them.

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A Farewell Address from ACMO’s Retiring President


Feature || Dean McCabe, RCM

Thank you for being part of ACMO. Your involvement and passion in this profession and industry gives us our strength reminds us that we are part of a professional community, and provides the spark that allows us to see our way forward into the future.

Advice for Businesses Worried About Making Big Mistakes

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Phillip Livingston

Any business that is owned and operated by humans is susceptible to mistakes. New and small business owners share that reality with large and established corporations. Whether it’s a miscalculated decision that results in a financial loss, or an aggressive goal that doesn’t pan out, mistakes will happen.

CMRAO Complaints: Trust the Process

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Jason Rivait & Justin McLarty

Mistakes are an inevitable fact of life. While proper care and diligence should be taken at all times to avoid mistakes, they will occur. Not all mistakes, however, result in prejudice that warrants legal or disciplinary action.

Executive Director's Message

Government of the Members, by the Members, for the Members

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

President's Message

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Message from the President || Katherine Gow, RCM

If I Could Turn Back Time: Facing Mistakes Head-On

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Sara Hicks, RCM

How do we swallow the uncomfortable pill of our own mistake? Admitting it, of course!

Nobody’s Perfect – The Honest Mistake

Nobody's Perfect

|| Patricia Elia

Is it reasonable to expect that property managers will be perfect in every task undertaken?

RCM Profile

Mark E. Daye, RCM

RCM Profiles || Mark E. Daye, RCM

Shining the light on those in the condominium management profession.


A quick glance at what’s happening with ACMO and the condominium industry.

News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

In this issue: RCM Exams Move Online, ACMO AGM – New Board of Directors for 2021/2022,  Welcoming New RCMs, The Dawning of a New Era

for ACMO, City of Toronto Environment & Energy Initiatives, and Reporting Energy and Water Use in Large Buildings in Ontario.

ACMO 2000 Certified Spotlight

Royale Grande Property Management Ltd.

ACMO 2000 || Michael Kalisperas, RCM

Shining a light on an ACMO 2000 Certified Management Firm Choosing to Offer a Higher Standard of Service to Elevate Their Business.

The Cost of “Saving Money”

Your Condo: Professional Services

Your Condo || Noah Maislin & Marko Lindhe

With more people working from home and experiencing pandemic-related cost sensitivity, condominiums are now challenged to support the increased reliance on common elements and amenities and show residents that their fees are being spent wisely to improve the community.

The Importance of Admitting Mistakes

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Elliot Shermet

Mistakes are inevitable. While the crushing weight of personal errors can sink someone, it is the acknowledgement of such mistakes that buoys a drowning manager to redemption.

The Importance of Kitchen Stack Cleaning

Your Condo: Maintenance

Your Condo || Gianpaul Callipo

Grease and sludge build-up have been shown to cause millions of dollars of insurance claims and damaged property throughout the high-rise condominium industry.

Three Simple Remedies for Common Landscaping Mistakes that Condo Corporations Make

Your Condo: Landscaping

Last Word || Frank Aiello

When it comes to designing the exterior of a condominium property, landscaping is typically the last consideration even though it can take up the better part of a city block with a value of tens of millions of dollars.


Do Condominium Directors Risk Personal Liability?

The Back Page || James Davidson

The short answer to this question is “yes”, condominium directors do run risks of personal liability.