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Summer 2021 Issue
To err is human; and we are only human after all. Making a mistake can be a learning experience, but for condominium managers, there is an expectation of perfection. This issue delves into the politics of making mistakes, how to admit errors, and how overcome them.

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Why Integrity Matters More in the Age of a Pandemic

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Bill Lang, RCM

In a time where information seems to be constantly changing and sometimes contradicting itself, the last thing condo directors and owners need is for managers
to add to the confusion - or worse, outright mislead them.

Is Your Condo Well Managed?

Your Condo: Management

Your Condo ||

A condominium is more than a mere asset; it is possibly the largest investment the owner will ever make; and, more importantly, it is their home. Understandably, condominium boards and owners want the best for their homes, and that extends to how they are managed.