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It's one year since the first round of legislative changes to the Condominium Act have been implemented. What is the impact on condominium managers and management companies? Read our thought-provoking articles to find out.

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10 Things You Need to Know

about Payment Procedures for Capital Repairs

Your Condo || Gerald R. (Jerry) Genge

There are major changes to the old Construction Lien Act that will significantly affect Ontario condominiums. Amendments have been passed that will modernize the Act, help ensure that businesses and workers get paid on time, and help ensure that payment disputes are addressed quickly. 

A Day in the Life:

The Snake and the Candle

News and Previews || Lori Dunlop

We’re pleased to launch a new series of occasional articles that highlight some of the funnier moments in the lives of our condominium managers. 

RCM Profile

Maiser Omer, RCM

RCM Profiles || Maiser Omer

Maiser Omer, RCM
FirstService Residential Ontario
Year entered the profession: 2011
Year RCM obtained: 2014

Annual Member Awards:

Recognizing Friendships and Bonds with ACMO Honours

The Back Page || Dianne Werbicki

It’s always a pleasure to attend the Annual Member Recognition Luncheon, especially when the opportunity arises to meet up with some of this Association’s original and founding members.

From the Executive Director

The Thirst for Knowledge Continues

Message from the Executive Director || Amanda Curtis

This time last year we wrote about the significant changes occurring in condominium management as well as milestones reported by CMRAO six months after licensing first went into force. 

Message from the President

Leading Our Communities

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

The ACMO Board of Directors and staff have been extremely busy since the turn of the new year. Our committees are all working diligently to improve our member services and our new website is progressing well and will be launched in the very near future. Stay tuned for the release!


ACMO’s 2019–2020 Board, Reduced Licence Fees and Condo Conference

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

ACMO Welcomes New Directors to its Board

A Discussion of Value

Get the Best of Your Board – Management Relationship

Feature || Shlomo Sharon, Carla Guthrie, Michael Holmes

Until recently, the minimum requirements to be a board member were the following:

Promote Rapport

within Your Communities

Feature || Vince Bennett

Why can’t we all get along? This is a question every condominium manager will ask throughout the course of their career. 

“Breaking Bad” in Condos

Won’t Keep the Peace

Feature || Rosemary Sangiorgio

In a perfect condominium, all that live on the property abide by the Rules and there is no need to issue violation letters or to verbally remind people of said Rules. We all know perfection does not exist, but perhaps working towards that objective can greatly improve and contribute to the goal of harmonious living among residents on a property.

To Infinity and Beyond

With Mediation, the Possibilities are Endless

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Unlike all other formal dispute resolution processes, mediation focuses on the parties – those involved in conflict coming together and working together to find a mutually acceptable outcome. 

Why Strong

Relationships Matter

Feature || Andrea Lusk

No Man is an Island, Entire of Itself.

How to Make Condominium Management

a Sought-After Career Choice

Feature || Dan Fried, Yawar Khan

Condominium development has occurred at a tremendous rate in Canada and in Ontario over the last ten years. At this time there are about 1.3 million people who own 587,000 units in Ontario alone. 

Strategies for Dealing

with Difficult People

Feature || Dipta Baidya, Jackie Stavert, Darryl Norrie, Sean Wilde, Nicholas Chirametli, Melody Roche

Condominium living is community living and there are elements which one must adhere to that sometimes could be a nuisance and make one behave in a way which is out of character. 

You Can Avoid Legal Conflict

of Shakespearean Proportions

Feature || Robert Mullin

“Much Ado About Nothing” remains an ever-current play by William Shakespeare. A satire on the internal struggles of an extended noble family, it portrays conflicts fuelled by gossip, mistaken identity and damaged pride.