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Andrew Machado

RCM Profiles || Andrew Machado

Andrew Machado, RCM
Maple Ridge Community Management
Year entered the profession: 2014
Year RCM obtained: 2017

Other education: Advertising and Marketing Communications Diploma from Sheridan College

Industry Mentor(s): I have been fortunate to work for MRCM, an award-winning firm that invests in their employees to ensure they excel in delivering great customer service. Throughout my tenure I have been well supported by the leadership team and specifically, Craig McMillan, VP Operations.

On November 1, 2017, licensing for condominium managers became a reality. How will a licence benefit your career as a condo manager? What impact might this have for condo managers in Ontario? With the new licensing coming into effect, it makes me as a manager more accountable, and sets a higher industry standard. It provides our clients assurances that they are working with professionals within the industry.

Licensing for condominium managers creates a standard for all managers and companies to ensure the level of service is equal across the board. It raises the bar for the quality of workmanship provided to owners on a daily basis.

This year ACMO is celebrating its 40th anniversary. What does ACMO mean to you?ACMO can be summed up in one word: Resources. Professionals who dedicate their time and knowledge to the industry, and are always there to educate as well as provide assistance.

Tell us about a personal success story on the job. I recently had the opportunity to be part of a corporation that had many challenges. Frequent turnover of management companies, a depleted Reserve Fund, operating defect, as well as many outstanding projects. Within weeks of taking over the day-to-day operations of the building, we began retrofitting the aging building with new systems to help achieve savings in the operating budget. This included LED lighting retrofits, boiler retrofits and booster pump retrofits. These projects, combined with contract negotiations, created a financial surplus, which the building had not seen in many years. We have been at the building for two years, and working hand in hand with the board of directors, we have been able to maintain a healthy surplus, a healthy Reserve Fund, and major projects have been kept up-to-date with the Reserve Fund study. At this time we can now begin focusing on aesthetically pleasing projects that are required for a 45-year-old highrise building.

What’s your biggest challenge as a manager? The biggest challenges a manager faces are the unknown; a very broad statement, however, it is one job where anything and everything can and will be thrown at you at any moment. Just when you think everything is running smoothly, the all-too-familiar ding of an email lets you know that there is a watermain break or a fire at one of your communities. That being said, one of the best parts about this job is also the unknown. Knowing that every morning you will be faced with a new challenge, something you have never dealt with before, and you have the pleasure of finding a solution.

Best business advice you ever received. Be a detective. There is always an answer/solution to every situation that is thrown at you. The way you attack the challenge is ultimately what will make you succeed in this industry.

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