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It's one year since the first round of legislative changes to the Condominium Act have been implemented. What is the impact on condominium managers and management companies? Read our thought-provoking articles to find out.

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ACMO 2000:

More than a Professional Designation

ACMO 2000 || Amanjot Bains, Pedro Coelho

Internet entrepreneur Tony Hsieh once said, “Customer service should not be a department, it should be the entire company.” 

Is Your Team Ready to Protect Your Corporation

from the Opioid Crisis?

Your Condo || Michael Gavendo

As someone who has been in the security and concierge industry for over 20 years and who works closely with condominium managers, it is my responsibility to not only bring awareness to issues that attract liability, protect property/ assets or adversely reflect the image of the corporations we service, but I must also recommend training programs and procedures that will assist condominium managers in the preservation of human life.

Open Communication

versus Risk Management

Your Condo || Laura Glithero

Communication has an important, and often underrated, role to play in conflict management. As many condominium managers already know, good communication is a key tool in resolving disputes and may even prevent disputes from arising in the first place.