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Summer 2023 Issue
There are many differences between managing a property recently handed over from a developer to a new condominium corporation and managing an ageing, well-established condominium community. In this issue, we will delve into those differences and what needs to be considered to manage both effectively.

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Building Revitalization: A Proposition to Add Value Through a Holistic Approach

Your Condo: Building Revitalization

Your Condo || Sathya Ramachandran

Residential properties are an important asset, whether owned as a primary residence or an investment. When they are condominium properties, several people with varying interests influence the decisions to maintain the common elements that impact the asset’s value.

Can Condos Deal with the Coming Reserve Fund Shock?

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Nancy Longueira, Stefan Nespoli, Stephanie Robinson, Sally Thompson, Justin Tudor

Construction price inflation has been significantly higher than consumer inflation over the last three years. Reserve fund study updates completed this year and in 2024-2025 will have to reflect this significant increase in costs even for those projects that are in the distant future.

Electric Vehicle Mayhem: Navigating EV Charging Solutions

Your Condo: EV Charging

Your Condo || Steve Hubbard

While gas stations are abundant, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems are in short supply, so the federal government has introduced the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program to help fund the installation of EVCS across the country. The funding is available via various delivery organizations and can cover up to 50% of project costs to install EVCS in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings, including condominiums.

Important Legal Steps for New Condominiums

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Joel Berkovitz, and Mohiminol Khandaker

Like newborn babies, a newly registered condominium corporation quickly goes through a number of developmental milestones on its way to becoming a fully functioning building. Many of these milestones occur within the one-year period following either registration or turnover. This article summarizes some of these key developments.

Is Networking Really Essential?

Profession Development for Managers

Feature || Sonia Ojha

The connections you make during a networking event will provide information, referrals, or opportunities for the future. Networking isn’t just crucial in today’s business world; it’s necessary!

Navigating Tarion & Warranty Protections for Condominium Common Elements

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Ryan Haley

In Ontario, every new residential condominium built and sold comes with a seven-year warranty that starts on the condominium corporation’s registration date. For that reason, it is important for you as a condominium manager to be aware of the age of your condominium, as certain warranties and protection may still apply to the common elements.

Stop Throwing Money Out the Window!

Your Condo: Window Replacement

Your Condo || Thomas Noël

2023 will be an important year for townhouses, row houses, low-rise condominiums, and the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. This year, generous grants are available to replace old windows with new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient ones.

New and Old, Different but the Same

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Lyndsey McNally

Despite the age of a condominium corporation, the common issue is that financial shortfalls directly affect the individual owners within the community. When inflation and interest rates surpass income growth for most individuals, overcoming this challenge is more difficult.

The Challenges & Rewards of Managing Aging Townhome Communities

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Thomas Kortko, RCM

When older communities were constructed, they did not benefit from the decades of cumulative condominium experience that we have access to now. It was indeed the “wild west,” with the first corporations, boards and various industry professionals planning a future with limited experience and few points of reference.

The Differences Between Managing New & Old Condominiums

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || John Damaren, RCM

While there are certainly differences in managing older housing stock vs. new, there are also many similarities. The life cycle of a condominium corporation comes with unique challenges in managing each stage.

The End of the Line: The Termination of a Condominium Corporation

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Denise Lash

As condominium buildings age and land values continue to escalate, some condominium corporations are now considering the possibility of selling all the units and common elements of their condominium site when approached by condo developers with an agreement of purchase and sale.

Today’s Actions are Tomorrow’s Results

Managing New Builds vs. Old Condos

Feature || Thomas Inrig, RCM

Long-term performance, efficiency and the overall quality of a condominium strongly correlate with specific actions and procedures put in place early in a building’s life. From inception, a condominium must be guided in the right direction, and its future market value may be traced back to the actions taken or not taken during the pre-turnover period and the first couple of years following registration.

RCM Profile

Ellen Mahon, RCM

RCM Profiles || Ellen Mahon, RCM

Recognizing condominium management professionals who have achieved a higher standard.

President's Message

Knowledge is the Foundation of Excellence

Message from the President || Eric Plant, RCM

ACMO 2000 Certified Spotlight

The Meritus Group

ACMO 2000 || Dean McCabe, RCM

Shining a light on an ACMO 2000 Certified Management Firm choosing to offer a higher standard of service to elevate their business.