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Spring 2023 Issue
Effectively managing suppliers and contractors benefits your condominium corporation and its residents by ensuring quality work is finished on time and on budget. It’s essential to maintain ongoing, trusting relationships with suppliers and contractors. This issue will share how to accomplish this, given today’s supply chain issues and uncertain economic climate.

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Avoiding Major Construction Pitfalls

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Patrick Cutten

A well-executed construction project is a result of strong collaboration between the engineering consultant, the property manager, the board, and the contractor. This article discusses how to avoid common pitfalls.

Capital Projects vs Repairs & Maintenance

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Van Smith, RCM

Ask a property manager to explain what takes up most of their busy workday, and they will probably respond with a list of maintenance items. Most of a condominium manager’s time in any given week is spent working on the maintenance and repair of the condominium structure, equipment, and site. This includes preparation for scheduled items or dealing with those unscheduled emergencies on a Monday morning. So, where does a capital project fit into a manager’s work week?


Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Response by Deborah Howden

An advice column where you can ask any question or share a difficult situation relating to condominium management anonymously, and we will endeavour to find an appropriate expert in the field and publish an answer with some advice. Ask the hard questions you may have been afraid to ask for fear of repercussions. Your full name or company will never be published or shared.

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Laura Lee, RCM

Large or small, the use of contractors is inevitable in the day of a manager’s life. It is part of the manager’s job to ensure quality control and value for the condominium’s money, which is done by managing contractors/suppliers and setting expectations.

Procurement Best Practices

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Drew Harling, RCM

One of the most often talked about subjects in recent years is the topic of procurement processes. They vary from condo to condo, manager to manager, and management company to management company. Part of that is due to the very nature of condominiums. Individual condos have the decision-making responsibilities of what work will be done, who will do it, what vendors will be used and even what type of contract will be issued. These realities fly in the face of the systemic approach to procurement that most would want to see in our industry.

Safety Tips for Condo Communities

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Your Condo || Reuben Smith

Condominium living offers a sense of community and security, but as with any community, incidents of violence can occur. As a manager, board member or staff member, it’s essential to be proactive in ensuring the safety of residents and coworkers. The following are steps that condominium communities can take to minimize the risk of violence and be prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.

Seven Methods for Building Relationships with Residents

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Peter Pietrzkiewicz

Many moving parts need to be aligned to ensure everything in the residential community runs smoothly but the critical component is to have open two-way communication. But how do you achieve communication that results in high levels of trust, satisfaction, and engagement? How do you turn daily contact into stronger relationships?

Understanding the Market for Seasonal Services

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Feature || Christian Coldea

The seasonal and infrequent services market is often tricky for property managers to maneuver. This article will shed light on some of the associated issues and give concrete suggestions for managers to succeed in dealing with service contractors in this space.

Executive Director's Message

Continuing Your Continuing Education

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

President's Message

Dancing with the Stars

Message from the President || Katherine Gow, RCM


Reform and Evolution are Needed

Last Word || Nicole Kreutzberg

As a condo manager, I’ve worked with my share of personalities – misogynistic, maniacal, narcissistic, bullies, complainers, social climbers, aristocratic, etc. – and that doesn’t even capture what we have met head-on with boards. But condo managers are not allowed to talk about that.

RCM Profile

Val Khomenko, RCM

RCM Profiles || Val Khomenko, RCM

Recognizing condominium management professionals who have achieved a higher standard.

ACMO 2000 Spotlight

Wilson Blanchard Management

ACMO 2000 || Brad Wells, RCM

Shining a light on an ACMO 2000 Certified Management Firm choosing to offer a higher standard of service to elevate their business.

Manager of the Year

Ramazan Kellezi, RCM

RCM Profiles || Ramazan Kellezi, RCM

I will cherish this important milestone in my professional career forever. I am honoured and extremely privileged to receive this recognition from ACMO.



News and Previews || ACMO

A quick glance at what’s happening with ACMO and the condominium industry.