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Winter 2021 Issue
Connecting in the digital age can help cultivate owner/management relationships, increase safety and security, and build community culture. Condominium corporations are doing more now than ever before to keep their owners in the loop with digital communications, virtual meetings, and electronic payments, and even social media groups.

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Executive Director's Message

Evolving the Effective Condo Manager

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

President's Message

Practicing Patience

Message from the President || Katherine Gow, RCM

Condominium Managers of the Future – Who Are They?

Special Feature

Feature || Michael Trendota, RCM

Condominium Managers of the future are condominium management students of the present. We know that these students are taking the four courses currently mandated by the CMRAO, but precious else is known about them. To date, little systematic research has been conducted to better understand these students, their demographics, backgrounds, skills, and experience.

Bringing Communities Together in the Digital Condo Landscape

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Bill Lang, RCM

owners want information presented to them at lightning-fast speeds. Gone are the “good old days” when property managers would go from door to door dropping off notices and newsletters. The idea that “we need information right now, not yesterday” has become the mantra throughout the condo industry.

Cheques are Only Good for Paper Cuts – Stop the Bleeding!

Your Condo: Digital Payments

Your Condo || Wally Vogel

The paper tools that we once used for so many purposes have, by and large, given way to digital alternatives that we now use every day and take for granted. Yet many condominium corporations, and the property management companies that serve them, are still using paper bills and cheques to pay their suppliers.

Congratulations to the Graduating RCM Class of 2021

The RCM Advantage

News and Previews ||

ACMO wishes to recognize those managers who achieved their RCM designation this year and have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a higher standard of condominium management.

Connecting People, Services, and Equipment for Better Living While Reducing Your Building’s Carbon Footprint

Your Condo: Building Automation Systems

Your Condo || Fan Fong and Nancy Zdravko

Smart Building Control Systems are generating a lot of buzz these days, with fancy terms like “cloud control,” “AI-driven,” and “carbon negative” to contemporize decades-old technology as the next fad for today’s condo owners. Digital devices have come a long way with technological capabilities and, more importantly, lower fees to purchase and maintain devices and software.

Getting to Net-Zero: Improving Your Building With Support From the City of Toronto

Your Condo: Energy Efficiency

Your Condo || Duncan MacLellan

The City of Toronto’s Net-Zero Existing Buildings Strategy has set the stage for all existing buildings in Toronto to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050. To reach this important goal, all existing buildings will have to be significantly transformed and retrofitted.

Leveraging the Evolution of Online Communications to Manage Conflict

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Certain etiquette associated with online communications has relaxed compared to just a few short years ago. It is essential to recognize the benefits as they can be applied to better manage condominium conflict.

Prompt Payment Compliance: Nine Things Condominium Managers Must Start Doing Today

Your Condo: Construction Act

Your Condo || Justin Tudor

The new regime gives the contractor and sub-contractors a method to ensure payment is made when it is rightfully due, without terminating the contract for non-payment and walking off-site.

The Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Annual General Meeting

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Stacey Kurck, RCM,

In 2020, as the global pandemic began to take hold and limitations on in-person gatherings came into play, the question of how condominiums were going to hold their mandatory annual general meetings (AGMs) arose. Meetings of all types, across all different industries, quickly moved virtual, which became the obvious solution for condominium boards.

Think Before You Type: Responding to Social Media Attacks

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Dean McCabe, RCM

Have you heard the phrase “keyboard warriors”; a person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the internet? Some of you may have experienced extreme frustration with someone anonymously attacking your professionalism, credibility, or even your character online. Maybe the attacks are not anonymous; perhaps someone is blatantly and publicly propagating lies about you from behind their computer screen. They are hurtful and constitute harassment; make no mistake about it.

Using Digital Communication to Increase Community Culture

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Jessica Gunawardana, RCM

How does digital communication affect condominium communities? Does it force the baby boomers away from the expectation of the dated paper notices delivered to their door? Must everyone have access to a computer or a smartphone to communicate effectively? Perhaps, there are ways of reaching a happy medium.

Why Social Media #Fails for Condo Corporations

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Brian Bosscher

Social media has transformed the way we receive news, share messages and access information. It is fast, free and easy to use, making it an attractive platform for communications. However, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t always ideal for companies or corporations.


A quick glance at what’s happening with ACMO and the condominium industry.

News and Previews ||

In this issue: The CAT Expands to Include Nuisance-Related Disputes, Promoting the Profession, Services and Trades at Your Fingertips, New ACMO Certificate
Program, Welcome New RCMs, and ACMO Award Winners.