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Summer 2020 Issue
The RCM designation is a way for condominium managers to set themselves apart from a General Licensee, and has become recognized as a marker of a serious, well-prepared and dedicated professional.

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Future-Proofing Your Property: 3 Must-Haves for Modern Living

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Steve Van Till

Professional property managers must navigate a new landscape. Residents will have concerns and demands that didn’t exist a year ago. As we look to the future, we know that properties must be three things: sanitized, secure and smart.

Let’s Talk Condensation!

Your Condo: Maintenance

Your Condo || Nathan EF Atkin

“I can’t see out of the windows!” is a familiar complaint managers and board members receive from angry residents because their windows are dripping with condensation. Water vapour drips down the glass and pools on the sill, paint peels, and the casement is damaged. On occasion, it may even cause the formation of the dreaded “M” word — mould!


COVID-19 and Condominiums, the CMRAO Competency Profile, Reporting Energy and Water Use, and the ACMO Strategic Plan

News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

In this issue: The COVID-19 crisis in condominiums, the CMRAO releases the Competency Profile for Condo Managers in Ontario, Reporting energy and water use in condominiums, and the ACMO Strategic Plan is published.

President's Message

The RCM Advantage

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

I firmly believe that we will learn many things from this pandemic that will improve how we conduct business, and be more productive in the industry, and hopefully be better humans in general.

RCM Profile

Ruki Mohamedbhai

RCM Profiles || Ruki Mohamedbhai

Shining the light on those in the condominium management profession.

Technology & Elevators

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Ray Eleid

What if I told you that technology and digitization are also evolving into something as mundane as elevators? Would you be shocked, or would you see this as normal and expected?

The Impending Deadline for Transitional General Licensees

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Dean McCabe

The impending deadline for Transitional General Licensees to complete the transition and obtain their General License has created a fear that many experienced managers will choose to walk away from the profession rather than complete the educational requirements.

The Importance of Maintaining Membership

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Henry Dwinnell

Retaining both my ACMO membership and the RCM designation has been, and continues to be, important to me and my career for a variety of reasons.


Leader of the Year

Feature || Harold Cipin

I received my RCM in May of 2000. Looking back, it was challenging and time-consuming to balance going back to school with learning a new job and raising a young family. But in the end, it was all worth it because obtaining my RCM has validated my career, and a true career was what I was looking for.


Let’s go forward, not back

The Back Page || Chris Jaglowitz

Though it’s natural to wish a speedy return to normalcy and slide back to the way things were, we have a unique opportunity to permanently improve the quality of our work, our lives and the service we provide our clients.

What Does Being an RCM Mean to You?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Michael Trendota, William Colucci, Jasmina Bahtijarevic

We asked three condominium managers what it means to hold their RCM designation.

What Does or Can RCM Mean?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Jason Shaw

Looking back to when I first considered this industry and designation, my initial interest in obtaining the RCM was as an investment in myself and my career. From that perspective, I think the answer has two parts; what does being and RCM mean to me now? And what will it mean in the future?

Why Does an RCM Designation Matter to Condominium Security?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Winston Stewart

When we think of their responsibilities, we think of everything from managing building maintenance and capital upgrades to hiring staff and working with condominium boards, to providing effective financial oversight for the property. What we don’t often consider is how security factors into a condominium manager’s duties.

A Brief History of the RCM Designation

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Ronald Outram

On Friday, March 30, 1984, eighteen practicing condominium property managers were presented with a certificate acknowledging they had achieved the requirements by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario.

A General Licence is Not Enough

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Eric Plant

How does the RCM stack up to the General Licence holder? To the casual observer, it appears that the requirements for the RCM are actually quite similar to those of the General Licence. The RCM requires the same four courses and a similar amount of on the job training. This being the case, what makes someone with an RCM stand out?