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Spring 2019 Issue
How do you define value in a condominium community? In this issue of CM Magazine we explore value in a variety of ways from education and experience to professionalism and seeing your constituents as your partners.

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From the Executive Director

RCMs Lead the Way

Message from the Executive Director || Amanda Curtis

Spring is said to signify a time of optimism and a time for a fresh start. ACMO plans for the coming months reflect both of these descriptions.

President’s Message

Adding Value to Successful Communities

Message from the President || Audrey McGuire

A warm hello to our members and extended readers! It has been a long and treacherous winter so far and Managers and Associates have been working diligently dealing with all the trials and tribulations that the winter has sprung upon us! Kudos to all of our members for surviving the turbulence at this challenging time.


ACMO Awards; CAO Updates

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

Each year ACMO honours the best of the condominium industry with its annual awards. Individuals are nominated by fellow peers, board members, professionals and trades in various award categories. Submissions are reviewed and tabulated by the Awards Selection Committee chaired by Chris Antipas, RCM. Members include John Abedrabbo, Armand Conant, Jim Davidson, Peter Leong and Sally Thompson. Deborah Bechard, RCM, and ACMO director, is chair of Awards.

A Discussion

of Value

Feature || Dianne Werbicki, Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson, RCM, is president of Malvern Condominium Property Management. Bill is this year’s recipient of the Leader of the Year Award. The award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated team leadership in business practices, and/or in development of professional property managers.

Laws of


Feature || Steven Christodoulou

ACMO was founded over 40 years ago in an effort to educate and regulate condominium managers in a new and budding industry. Condominium management is still a very young profession when you compare it to most others outside the tech world.

Are You a Superstar

or Just Average?

Feature || Harold Cipin

“Above and beyond”, “Going that extra mile”, “Just putting in the time”, “Going through the motions”! Timeless clichés to be sure, but are any of them applicable to you as a condominium manager? The landscape of condominium management in Ontario has changed significantly in these past 18 months and none more so than for the men and women who actually manage condominium corporations day to day. 

Professional Condominium Manager

or Office Helper?

Feature || Bill Colucci

Every property manager wants and needs to progress professionally, as well as financially. But do we work to progress as managers and professionals? Or are we content to remain with our “recent RCM” status, attitude and knowledge base?


What Goes Up

Should Come Down

Feature || Pamela Smuts

As a property manager, it is never an easy conversation to have with a Board of Directors and owners that the elevator they all depend on needs to be replaced. I am going to walk you through my own elevator project including preliminary steps through working with a team of experts to oversee the project from start to finish.

Leveraging Skills

in a Second Career

Feature || Harry Nielsen

Licensed condominium managers and RCMs bring a variety of skill sets to the boardroom table. While many are choosing condominium management as their first career after secondary school, others have already achieved post-secondary degrees and certificates. Still other managers have valuable work-life experiences as new Canadians that they can share. Here is one manager’s story of making a successful career leap of faith when others may have given up.


We are Better

Feature || Jason Riddle

I received an invitation to contribute an article in CM Magazine on the heels of being awarded ACMO’s 2018 Genesis Award.

Your Manager

is Not Your Clerical Assistant

Feature || Peter Walpole

By training and personality, your condo manager is a skilled organizer. By government regulation, the manager is a trained professional — having studied for, and passed, a set of carefully developed courses and exams. Your manager is required, and willing, to take continuing training.

Prepare to Do Well

on the RCM Exam

Feature || Janice Schenk

Are you ready to write the RCM Exam? Being eligible to write the exam and going on to successfully pass the exam are two different things. The average passing rate for the RCM exam over the past two years has been 66%; that means that only 66% of the candidates writing any RCM exam have passed. You may write the exam a total of three times, but how can you prepare to ensure success the first time you write?

Best Practices

in Collections

Your Condo || Tracey Gunn

Condominiums depend on common element fees collected from homeowners to fulfil their financial obligations. When homeowners are delinquent with their payments, this may lead to a shortage of cash in the bank, which may present financial challenges for the corporation.

Caring for Trees

from Their Roots to Their Shoots

Your Condo || Ken Lund

Now that spring weather is upon us it is a great time to turn our attention to the care of trees and shrubs in our landscapes. Our woody plants are often overlooked for the many benefits they provide. Try to imagine your property without its trees and shrubs. No cooling shade or privacy screening, no contrast to all of the concrete and asphalt not to mention the beauty in all the colours and interesting shapes of our woody plants. 

Policies that Address Cannabis

in the Workplace

Your Condo || Jason Sinukoff

Since October 17, 2018, condominiums across Ontario have been working to identify and address the emerging problems that have accompanied the legalization of recreational cannabis.