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Winter 2019 Issue
It’s the digital age. Managers, management companies, and their boards must keep on the top of technology trends to make their corporations more efficient and effective.

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Benefits of Modern Energy Management Platforms

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Your Condo || Brian MacLeod

Recent CAT Decisions: Key Takeaways

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Your Condo || Gareth Stackhouse

Details of Distinction

Common Elements Design

Your Condo || Sharon Nease

Electronic Voting: The Better Alternative?


Your Condo || Warren Kleiner

How to Get the Most Out of the Relationship with Your Contractor

Professional Services & Trades

Your Condo || Linda Duttman

How Do You Support Diversity in Your Condo Community

A Day in the Life

Your Condo || Tammy Stapleton, RCM

10 Things You Need to Know

about Payment Procedures for Capital Repairs

Your Condo || Gerald R. (Jerry) Genge

There are major changes to the old Construction Lien Act that will significantly affect Ontario condominiums. Amendments have been passed that will modernize the Act, help ensure that businesses and workers get paid on time, and help ensure that payment disputes are addressed quickly. 

Is Your Team Ready to Protect Your Corporation

from the Opioid Crisis?

Your Condo || Michael Gavendo

As someone who has been in the security and concierge industry for over 20 years and who works closely with condominium managers, it is my responsibility to not only bring awareness to issues that attract liability, protect property/ assets or adversely reflect the image of the corporations we service, but I must also recommend training programs and procedures that will assist condominium managers in the preservation of human life.

Open Communication

versus Risk Management

Your Condo || Laura Glithero

Communication has an important, and often underrated, role to play in conflict management. As many condominium managers already know, good communication is a key tool in resolving disputes and may even prevent disputes from arising in the first place.

Minimum Wage

The Shock to the Condominium Industry

Your Condo || Michael Wrighton

On January 1, 2018, Ontario’s minimum wage will increase from $11.40 an hour to $14.00 an hour. A year later, Ontarians will host one of the highest minimum wages in Canada, coming in at $15.00 an hour. Without a doubt, the plan is great news for those struggling to make ends meet; however, the pace at which the hike is scheduled is worrisome. 

Standard Unit


Your Condo || Barry Herberman

Over the last six years I have spoken about the benefits of passing a Standard Unit Bylaw (SUB) at numerous Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and town hall meetings. At these meetings there is one common overriding theme which is, the unit owners feel that the corporations are trying to put them at a disadvantage; because of this belief these meeting are usually very emotional.

Ten Top Tips:

Condo Law

Your Condo || Bob Gardiner

During the case law update session held at the Toronto Congress Centre on September 15, 2017, Bob Gardiner, Tim Duggan, Antoni Castlinuovo and Bradley Chaplick analyzed the key points arising from 16 of the most informative legal cases of 2017 to date. They also discussed each of their Top Tips, further explained below.

Best Practices

in Collections

Your Condo || Tracey Gunn

Condominiums depend on common element fees collected from homeowners to fulfil their financial obligations. When homeowners are delinquent with their payments, this may lead to a shortage of cash in the bank, which may present financial challenges for the corporation.

Caring for Trees

from Their Roots to Their Shoots

Your Condo || Ken Lund

Now that spring weather is upon us it is a great time to turn our attention to the care of trees and shrubs in our landscapes. Our woody plants are often overlooked for the many benefits they provide. Try to imagine your property without its trees and shrubs. No cooling shade or privacy screening, no contrast to all of the concrete and asphalt not to mention the beauty in all the colours and interesting shapes of our woody plants. 

Policies that Address Cannabis

in the Workplace

Your Condo || Jason Sinukoff

Since October 17, 2018, condominiums across Ontario have been working to identify and address the emerging problems that have accompanied the legalization of recreational cannabis.