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Criminals live in condominium communities too. From cybercrime and scams to dishonest contractors and conflicts of interest for boards and managers, learn what to look out for as a property manager to protect your condo community.

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Three Simple Remedies for Common Landscaping Mistakes that Condo Corporations Make

Your Condo: Landscaping

Last Word || Frank Aiello

When it comes to designing the exterior of a condominium property, landscaping is typically the last consideration even though it can take up the better part of a city block with a value of tens of millions of dollars.


Have we reached the peak? Guess not!

Last Word || Angelo Dass, RCM

Diversity in the context of condo management has multiple dimensions. From condo organizations to condo boards, from managers to residents and all stakeholders in between, each has their own sensitivities and challenges regarding embracing diversity.

Your Turn

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you face in 2020?

Last Word || Mohammad Sheeraz Pathan &

As a condominium manager, what are the biggest challenges and opportunities you or the industry will face in 2020?

Last Word

Decade Four: Recognition 2008-2017

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

We are featuring each of ACMO’s four decades in CM Magazine this year. Here are highlights from Decade Four:

Last Word

ACMO’s First Decade 1977–1987: The Formative Years

Last Word || unknown

In 1977, a small group of volunteers realized the growing need for a single source of information for the province’s early condominium managers and condo owners. The idea for the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario was conceived.

Last Word

ACMO is 40 - Decade Two: Building on the Foundation

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

We are featuring each of ACMO's four decades in our CM magazine this year. Here are highlights from Decade Two.

The Back Page

2019 Exclusive! Leading the Way

Last Word || unknown

The Annual Condominium Conference is the showcase educational and networking event for the condominium industry in Ontario. Every year the conference continues to grow in stature. As you can see by our photo spread on pages 48–49, this is reflected in consistent increases in attendance by condominium managers and directors, in trade show participation by suppliers and professionals, and in the interest shown by speakers.

Last Word

Decade Three

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

ACMO is 40 Decade Three: Steady Growth Continues 1998–2007

Last Word

Education: The Cornerstone of ACMO

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

The cornerstone of ACMO is education. Since its inception in 1977, the focus of ACMO’s board of directors has been to educate new and seasoned condominium managers so that these information-hungry individuals could carry out their duties on a professional level. 

Last Word

Of RCMs and Licences

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

It was back in 1984 that the first class of seventeen RCMs graduated with their hard-earned Registered Condominium Manager designation. 

Last Word

The Good in Our Communities

Last Word || Dianne Werbicki

On a beautiful spring afternoon in April, a horrific van attack occurred on Yonge Street in a busy commercial and residential area of north Toronto.