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A Growing Industry Brings Opportunity and Responsibility

The Manager Shortage

Message from the President || By Eric Plant

A Growing Industry Brings Opportunity and Responsibility

As you open the pages of this month's edition of the CM Magazine, I hope this letter finds you thriving in your respective roles and ready to engage with the wealth of information we have in store for you. 

As you are well aware, this is a time of significant growth within our industry, a reality that brings with it as much opportunity as it does responsibility. The sheer pace of development is extraordinary – the development at a single intersection in Vaughan now rivals what is being built in most other Canadian cities outside Vancouver, Ottawa, and the GTA. It is indeed an exciting time, one that our industry should embrace and celebrate. 

However, we must also acknowledge that this rapid growth presents its own unique challenges. The scale of buildings is expanding, their architectural designs are becoming more intricate, and their shared facilities are growing more creative and complex. As a result, managing these buildings has become a much more multifaceted task. The increased complexity of these developments has led to areas of ambiguity, with responsibilities and expectations that may not be fully defined or understood.

Amid these changes, our industry continues to face a pressing issue - an acute shortage of managers. Those who are qualified are facing more complex portfolios and larger ones, with fewer seasoned veterans to help mentor and guide them. 

Despite the recent licensing regime designed to ensure the professional standards of our industry, the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the job successfully extends far beyond what can be learned in a couple of years. The depth of understanding required is substantial, and it can take a lifetime of experience to do the job well. 
Through all of this, ACMO is here to support you. Our goal is to assist in bridging the knowledge gap and to provide a platform for ongoing education and growth. Our advanced continuing education courses are meticulously designed to address these complexities, providing managers with the tools and information needed to tackle the challenges of our industry head-on. Stay tuned for some exciting news about new upcoming courses.

In addition to this support, I am pleased to announce that this issue of the CM Magazine dives into the legal complexities of our sector, offering expert insights and thought-provoking discussions. As you flip through these pages, we hope you find the content enlightening, practical advice, and learning valuable.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Together, we're shaping the future of condominium management.

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