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ACMO 2000 Certified Spotlight

The Meritus Group

ACMO 2000 || Dean McCabe, RCM

Earlier this month, the Meritus Group underwent our ACMO 2000 recertification audit, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you why we feel it is important to support this corporate designation.

Condominium owners and boards deserve to know that their manager and management company are committed to meeting more than the bare minimum standard required to practice in our profession.

Like the RCM designation, the ACMO2000 program is designed to show the industry, the clients and the owners whom we interact with that we are committed to setting and voluntarily meeting higher standards and that we have processes and policies in place to benefit our staff and clients as we deal with the diverse issues that arise in our complex profession.

Inviting a third-party ACMO 2000 auditor to visit your office and sites and review your corporate documents can be an unnerving process – but it is a process that benefits every aspect of your operations by motivating every department to meet more than just minimum standards.

Clients may request the designation as part of an RFP process when selecting a service provider in the same way that they may ask for an RCM manager to represent them, but more and more managers are looking for companies that are striving to improve and evolve. They want to join a team that reflects their commitment to continued education and evolution. We proudly share our certification with potential clients and future candidates seeking to join our team.

ACMO 2000 is not part of our operations every 3 years; it is part of our monthly operations. Getting ACMO 2000 certified is part of a commitment to the organization and the profession; being ACMO 2000 is so much more. It is using the process to grow and improve as a company. It improves your services and relationships with all stakeholders and says we are committed to organizational maturity and growth.


Dean McCabe, RCM, is the President and Founder of Meritus Group Management Inc. and has been a property manager for over 28 years. Dean has been a member of the Board of Directors of ACMO and past President of the association for three terms.


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