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Manager of the Year

Ramazan Kellezi, RCM

RCM Profiles || Ramazan Kellezi, RCM

Firstly, I would like to forward my sincerest gratitude to all those who have positively contributed to my career and always motivated me to strive for better; my loyal board of directors, my supportive team at Del Property Management, and my hardworking staff at City Gate One. I will cherish this important milestone in my professional career forever. I am honoured and extremely privileged to receive this recognition from ACMO. It brings even more dedication and courage to my job as a community leader.

Throughout the course of seven years, I have successfully completed many large-scale and small-scale projects in my building where I have taken the time to fully understand and learn all the technicalities related to the building’s mechanical and structural systems, in addition to general regulations, human relations and tenancy law. When I first started, I quickly analyzed and prioritized the problems that needed addressing at City Gate One; I generated a clear and strategic financial target to budget and minimized the large deficit of $260,000 that the community faced from past management. As of last year, the deficit has been completely taken care of without any special assessments.

After six months at City Gate One, Del obtained the shared facilities management due to the commendable relationship I had built with the board members as they observed noteworthy changes at my building. In just under two years, City Gate Two became fully integrated under Del’s umbrella as the board of directors was very confident in employing our company. In addition, City Gate One signed its third renewal deal with Del and the shared facilities contract was renewed for another three years. The sympathy and friendship I have with the board of directors at City Gate One and City Gate Two have been my greatest success.

Throughout the years, I have completed many projects such as garage repairs, LED retrofits, replacement of interlocking for both buildings, lobby renovation, etc. During all of these larger projects, I’ve sought to conserve as much money as possible; for example, during the garage repair, I saved the community $100,000. In
the meantime, I have continuously guided and helped new property managers integrate at Del by assisting them in delegating various problems or addressing questions in regard to preparing the annual budget, reporting on financial performances regularly, overseeing daily administration and mending any technical issues on site. I have coached all of my past site administrators who are now working as property managers at Del, and in 2019, I was named Del’s Manager of the Year.

Due to my dedicated work ethic, communications skills, attention to detail and strong organizational skills, I have thrived in managerial positions. My past work experiences have all been in leadership roles; I have worked as the Principal of Albania’s National School of Ballet and the Consul General, the highest-ranking official serving at the Albanian Consulate in Italy. In addition to my daily employment, I have also been involved with the Albanian community in Canada. I was the President of the Albanian Canadian Community Association in Toronto from 2015 to 2019. During this time, our proposal to declare November as the month of Albanian heritage in Ontario passed into legislation. For these recent contributions, I was awarded the highest-ranking title of “Ambassador of our Nation” by the Prime Minister of Albania in 2019. Just recently, in January 2021, I was granted by the President of the Albanian Republic the appreciation medal of “High Special Civil Merits” for preserving Albanian culture and heritage here in Canada.

I want to thank Mr. Sohail Khalid, Mr. Pat Kapoor, Mr. Hameed Farooq, Mrs. Kanika Chopra, Mr. Alexandre Perervine, Mrs. Genta McVeigh and Mr. Artan Tushe for your continuous support; I feel indebted to you for nominating me for this award. 

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