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ACMO 2000 Spotlight

Wilson Blanchard Management

ACMO 2000 || Brad Wells, RCM

Wilson Blanchard Management, An Associa® Company, is a full-service management company with a mission to bring positive impact and meaningful value to every community. Since 1995, we have been providing exceptional management services to our clients across Ontario with the goal of being the most trusted name in condominium management.

Wilson Blanchard’s diversified portfolio is built on consistently offering exemplary service to our clients and providing the confidence and security that comes from partnering with one of Canada’s largest and most respected condominium management firms. Our founding partners established the company to address a market need for hands-on, customer-oriented condominium management services, so when we reviewed the ACMO 2000 stated objective – “to increase the quality of management services delivered to condominium corporations” – it was a clear and obvious fit with our long-standing philosophy, which is to establish and execute the highest benchmarks in professional condominium management.

When Wilson Blanchard began the process of obtaining the ACMO 2000 certification, we found that our operating standards, principles, procedures, and best practices were already well aligned with ACMO expectations in the areas of internal control, board and vendor relations and field operations. Undertaking the certification process was an excellent opportunity to document our existing standards rather than a need to develop them. It validated that our company was already exceeding the quality management standards expected from all ACMO 2000 firms. Undergoing the subsequent ACMO 2000 independent audits every three years has only served to confirm this by providing a structure for ongoing measurement of our performance.

The promise that we make to our clients – to commit to business practices that promote excellent service, innovation, diversity, creativity, honesty, and integrity for all of our stakeholders – is backed by our ACMO 2000 certification, which we proudly display in our offices and promote in our proposals. The certification provides Wilson Blanchard with a competitive advantage that we are able to leverage in our marketing and promotions, knowing that the designation is proof of our adherence to higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance over and above the minimum regulatory requirements in the condominium management market.

The ACMO 2000 certification also indicates to our trusted team of employees that Wilson Blanchard will continue our dedication to active community management, ensuring the highest quality of service and care will always be available to the condominium communities we serve, starting with our experienced leadership team. 


Brad Wells, RCM, RPA, CMCA, President of Wilson Blanchard, has been managing condominium corporations and commercial properties since 2002, achieving the RCM, RPA and CMCA professional designations. Brad is a member of the CMRAO Discipline and Discipline Appeals Committees, a speaker at multiple CCI and ACMO events and was an instructor for the ACMO RCM courses at Mohawk College. Brad is active in the condominium industry, currently serving as the President of CCI-Grand River.


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