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Executive Director's Message

Continuing Your Continuing Education

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

If you are reading this, it’s a safe bet that you are an ACMO member committed to ongoing professional development to be the best condo manager you can be.

Since 2011, ACMO has helped our Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) designates do that by requiring the completion of ten hours of continuing education annually to maintain their designation. Taking a page out of ACMO’s playbook, the CMRAO recently announced it is introducing a similar program.

On July 1, 2023, the CMRAO’s new Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program comes into effect, requiring managers holding a General Licence to complete 10 hours of “eligible” continuing education annually. To be eligible, the education must align with the CMRAO Competency Profile for Condominium Managers in Ontario, and managers must accumulate at least 1 CPE credit (1 hour) from 3 of the following 5 categories: Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Physical Building; Building Operations and Information; Legal and Ethics; and Finance. The CMRAO plans to publish and maintain an updated list of eligible CPE activities and associated credits on its website.

Happily, it should be a relatively routine matter for RCMs to meet these requirements, given they have done so for years through ACMO. This, of course, assumes the CMRAO deems ACMO’s educational programming as being eligible under the new program. Rest assured that ACMO will be working hard to ensure that our educational content is designed to meet both the needs of our members and the requirements of the CMRAO CPE program. Given that ACMO is officially out of licensing education, our educational strategy going forward is to lead the way in providing high-quality continuing education for condominium managers.

Towards this, for 2023, we have put together a robust educational lineup to help managers stay current and expand their knowledge and expertise. We have plans to conduct four in-person luncheons, four webinars, and up to six Certificate Courses. By the time you read this, we will have launched our newest certificate course, Advanced Communications and Conflict Management. This will be one of two mandatory Certificate Courses managers take under the new RCM requirements, the other being our Advanced Ethics Certificate Course, which debuted in December.

Plans are also underway to develop courses in the areas of condominium insurance, HVAC, new building management, technology and security, employment standards, fire safety, structure and envelope, and advanced finance.

We hope you take advantage of our expanded educational offerings as ACMO continues to serve as your ‘one-stop’ source for all your continuing education needs! 

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