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Promoting the Profession
This year’s 9-month digital advertising campaign featuring Google search and display ads and LinkedIn ads generated a whopping 6 million digital impressions and over 33,600 click-throughs to the ACMO website. Visitors were clicking through for information on hiring RCMs and ACMO 2000 Certified firms, joining ACMO, earning the RCM designation, and subscribing to our e-newsletter.

Overall, a successful campaign for raising awareness of ACMO and the value of our professional designations amongst management firms, condo boards, owners and the general public.

Congratulations New RCMs
ACMO wishes to recognize those members who recently achieved their RCM designation and have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a higher standard of condominium management. Congratulations!
Tiffany van Dodewaard, RCM

ACMO Condominium Management Award Recipients
Each year, ACMO honours exceptional achievements in the condominium industry with its annual awards of excellence. This year’s awards ceremony was held once again at an in-person luncheon on Friday, November 25, 2022, after two years of virtual ceremonies.

Individuals were nominated by fellow peers, board members, professionals, and trades in various award categories. Submissions were reviewed and evaluated by the 2022 Awards Selection Committee, comprised of Catherine Murdock, RCM (Chair), Armand Conant, Babak Aradalan, RCM, James Davidson, Peter Leong, Sally Thompson, and Vincent Bennett, RCM.

We are proud to recognize the following recipients of the ACMO Condominium Management Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

  • Manager of the Year was presented to Ramazan Kellezi, RCM, who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and dedication to professional condominium property management.
  • Leader of the Year was presented to Laurie Adams, RCM, who has demonstrated team leadership in business practices and/or in the development of professional property managers.
  • The Donna Farr Award was presented to Claudia Damaren, RCM, Jennifer Ricci, RCM and Michael Sentenai, RCM, ACMO instructors who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to delivering the Registered Condominium Manager program.
  • The Genesis Award was presented to Alfaz Rahemtulla, RCM, who is new in the profession and has displayed exceptional service.
  • And the Special Recognition Award was presented to Allan Rosenberg, Life RCM, in recognition of their achievements that have positively impacted the condominium industry in Ontario.

Welcome New ACMO Members
ACMO extends a warm welcome to our newest members who have chosen to elevate their careers or business by joining our professional community. We look forward to a mutually prosperous relationship.

Individual Members
Babajide Adigun
Matilda Agalliu
Jonathan Bull
Eric Cantelo
Henry Cheung
Aimee Jubinville
Sureaga Karunakaran
Yadunath Mattai
Karen Rubin
Media Taha
Aziz Virani
Edgar Zamudio Gomez

Student Members
Jennifer Buwaka
Ava Bo Cui
Hamed Ghomashchi
Polly Horvay
Jie Huang
Evan Lloyd
Milena Prenda
Vidur Takru
Caroline Vandenberg

Associate Members
Arjay Gas Detection
ATTA Elevators Corp.
Bluemyth Technologies Inc.
Designtheory Inc.
District Security Services Inc.
Drain 1 Plumbers Inc.
Marissa Management and Services Inc.
Ontario Restoration Services
RDQ Engineering Inc.
Remodel Canada Carpet One Floor & Home
Repair and Run Inc.
RideAlike Inc.
TNR Industrial Doors

Another Successful ACMO Certificate Course in the Books
On September 21st, 2022, ACMO presented the “Advanced Plumbing and Water Management” Certificate Course with 59 condominium managers participating. The 3-hour online course was led by instructor Adam Bartman, Executive VP of Field Operations at Eddy Solutions. The certificate course was very well received, with 92% of participants suggesting that they would recommend the course to their peers and 94.5% suggesting it represented very good to excellent value.

One participant noted, “I was very happy with the practical application of the contents. Most of the webinars are based in theoretical talks.” Another participant shared that the course was “very informative and a great way to learn. Adam was fantastic in his presentation. Adam makes a complicated and “hidden” core of the building matter on plumbing so precisely and easily understandable. Thumbs up to the team for organizing it.”

The ACMO Certificate Program consists of a series of continuing education courses providing a higher level of knowledge in specific condominium management topics in alignment with the CMRAO Competency Profile. Gaining a certificate builds on the knowledge managers acquired through the RCM program and further differentiates them from those who only get the minimum General Licence. Starting in 2023, successfully completing Certificate Courses will become a requirement for those wishing to obtain the RCM designation.

ACMO will continue to introduce more courses under the Certificate Program covering a wide range of topics condominium managers need to stay current and competitive in today’s market.

The following condominium managers successfully obtained their “Advanced Plumbing and Water Management” certificate:

Ahmed Alkaddour
Babak Ardalan
Eileen Boles
Karen Boux
Lissa A. Breault
Feng-Yuan Chuang
Gail Cote
Mary Rose Darmanin
Shane De Zilva
Maria Delgado
Heather Dickenson
Sally-Anne Dooman
Annette Fleury
Junida Galanxhi
Cristina Gambino
Catherine Greig
Nir Gurau
Estela Imas
Lea Imfeld
Lisa Grace Ioannou
Silvana Koka
Sheila Krivsky
Danielle L Casha
Justina Lee
Sachin Lingaratnam
Selena Livingstone
Caroline M. Vandenberg
Keren McDonald
Jyoti Mehta
Monica Murad
Pranvera Musaraj
Ram Nadarajah
Phil Nagle
Kiera Niezen
Ganna Oreshyna
George Prifti
Olha Pulnyeva
Robert John Pusching
Ismail Qorri
Lamali Rajab
Maria Laura Rasile
Nancy Roy
Michael Royston
Gowri Shakthi
Yvonne Sim
James Stewart
Maria Tashos
Amber Taylor
Carolin VandenHaak
Grace Wu
Susan Zolfaghari

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