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ACMO 2000 Spotlight

Arthex Property Management (1983) Inc.

ACMO 2000 || Georgio Kosmidis, RCM

Arthex is a third-generation property management firm serving the Peel/Halton area since the early 1970s. The firm’s inception took place in 1972, becoming one of Ontario’s first property management companies specializing in condominium management.

In 2008, Arthex decided to focus on progressively growing its business to service the Hamilton and Niagara Region and recognized the importance of having a set of principles, practices and standards to ensure it serviced its clients professionally and humanly. That is where the ACMO 2000 Certification became a goal for the team to achieve.

Arthex is proud to have obtained the prestigious ACMO 2000 Certification in 2010, which distinguishes professional property management firms. It gave the Arthex team clarity on how to operate and create standard operating procedures and processes to provide uncommon service. This built confidence and capabilities, ensuring continual sustainable growth.

The initial certification process was a learning experience the material required to review and prepare before the actual audit was an educational endeavour showing us where we were strong and needed improvement. Our first auditor was patient and very gracious with their time and guidance, assuring us we were on the right track. It truly gave us a direction to focus on continual progress, constantly learning effective and simpler ways to service our clients properly.

Our future compliance audits, which occur every three years, have been smoother as we focus on meeting the standards and surpassing them. We proudly inform current and potential clients of our ACMO 2000 Certification and its significance to our industry by sharing our certification and compliance letters in our proposals. We also advertise our ACMO 2000 Certification everywhere and anytime we are able from our website, letterheads, promotion material and in our signatures.

Arthex Property Management’s mission is to provide a “harmonious,” safe, and peaceful environment ensuring a financially secure future for all our properties. Quality service is not the main objective of our company; it is the “only” objective. We aspire to amaze our owners, members, clients and tenants with the highest level of management expertise. We do this by abiding by the ACMO Code of Corporate Ethics displayed in our office. This Code contributes to the continued development of mutually beneficial relationships among condominium managers, condominium corporations, condominium residents, suppliers, employers of managers and the general public.

We are currently completing our fifth compliance audit and look forward to another successful achievement. 


Georgio Kosmidis, RCM, began his career in the Hospitality Industry working for various Hotel Chains and has been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years. He is the Chief Visionary Officer for Arthex Property Management (1983) Inc. He obtained his RCM designation in 2012 and has managed people and businesses successfully for the last three decades.

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