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ACMO 2000 Certified Spotlight

DEL Property Management Inc.

ACMO 2000 || Saul York

Obtaining our ACMO 2000 Certification and earning it as one of the initial professional condominium property management service provider recipients more than two decades ago most certainly continues to be a memorable and proud achievement for DEL Property Management Inc. I recall vividly having the privilege, honour and pleasure of being presented with our commemorative plaque at a gala event attended by dignitaries and notable professionals representing the entire sphere of condominiums. And, most happily, with my dear colleagues at DEL, who had made this prestigious accomplishment possible.

The concept of ACMO 2000 Certification was born out of the desire to achieve a process akin to ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) but explicitly geared to the condominium environment. It was designed to enhance our comparatively fledgling profession’s credibility. The Business Development Bank of Canada’s early involvement in helping ACMO create this program provided a beneficial boost.

As a long-serving member of the ACMO Certification and Standards Committee* and having been appointed to the ACMO Condominium Management Standards Council* at its inception, I take particular pride in the rewarding experience of periodic compliance audits performed every three years, as required by ACMO 2000 Certification Program. Achieving compliance, as determined by an independent auditor, reaffirms our commitment and dedication to enhancing the quality, reliability and integrity of customer care experienced by our valued clients, our team at DEL, the condominium property management profession, and the condominium concept itself.

Fourteen years ago, we appointed Catherine Murdock as DEL’s ACMO 2000 Leader. As a member of our Operating Council, senior management’s long-time liaison with our Professional Development. Catherine was a natural choice for this responsibility as a committee member and key educator, and driving force in our internal Licensing Education Program. Catherine’s mandate is to ensure that the practices required to preserve our commitment to the ACMO 2000 Certification Program are implemented, maintained, and enhanced throughout our operation. She continues to do a superb job.

Our ACMO 2000 Certification status remains inspiring and rewarding. It is a constant source of pride, satisfaction and reassurance to all of our stakeholders. I extend my thanks to ACMO, its proponents and leaders, our cherished clients, and our entire devoted and enthusiastic team at DEL, for their strong and loyal support and encouragement, in our constant pursuit of excellence.

*(Note: The ACMO Membership Standards Committee supersedes these committees)


Saul York, B.A. (Honours), BAS, is President and Chief Executive Officer of DEL Property Management Inc. DEL provides a complete range of condominium management services for over 76,000 condominium homes.

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