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Mohammad Sheeraz Pathan

RCM Profiles || Mohammad Sheeraz Pathan

Designation(s): RCM, OLCM
Company: Dove Square Property Management
Year entered the profession: 2012
Year RCM obtained: 2016

Other education: Bachelors of Commerce
Mentor(s) in the industry: Khalid Ahmed

What path brought you to a career as a condominium manager?
The recession hit in 2009 when I was working in the automotive industry and left me with nothing but to choose a different career. At that time, my wife’s uncle (RIP) advised me to take property management courses at Humber College. I took the first course, condo law and passed with ease. It was then when I decided it is something I can do and will enjoy doing.

How has your membership in ACMO helped you in your career?
ACMO Membership provides info seminars and sessions from time to time that keeps you abreast in the industry. It also offers the opportunity to engage with others to increase your network of professionals.

What is one must-have skill for a condominium manager? Why?
The ability to listen. If you cannot listen attentively and take the heat from a frustrated homeowner, you need to work on your listening skills. Because most of the time, the entire situation is defused just by lending both ears to them.

Tell us about a personal success story on the job.
During this pandemic, one owner who was a front-line worker had to park in visitors parking because his family members contracted COVID, and their car was parked on the driveway and couldn’t be moved. I was able to help them avoid getting tickets while parking in the visitors by coordinating with the parking enforcement company. The homeowner appreciated the help and the promptness of the response from me, and I really felt that I made someone’s life easier with a simple act of kindness and professionalism.

What’s your biggest challenge as a manager?
When I have to tell people that we are increasing their maintenance fees when we have no other choice to do so, I take every effort to explain this in the budget package by outlining the contributing factors. And yet, I get angry phone calls and emails asking, “why did you increase my maintenance fees.”

What’s your favourite part of the job?
When you are working at a condo that is in bad shape, but you have developed a roadmap to bring it out peril, and board members are on board. Also, when a homeowner turns around and says, “Thank you so much for your prompt reply and resolving my issue,” it makes my day!

Best business advice you ever received.
Don’t take it personally. It’s all about business, and most people just want to vent it out. 

Answer this statement – I am an RCM because…
I want to be up to date with all the changes and new info related to property management.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to become a Regional Director.

What recent project that you completed can we highlight?
One condo I took over was not able to have an AGM for the past three years. I worked with the board and shared a plan with them on how to tackle this challenge. Without any hiccups, we had our AGM, and the quorum was achieved a week prior. Board members were amazed and praised the skill level I brought to conduct a successful AGM.

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