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News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

RCM Exams Move Online
As the restrictions on public gatherings continue, ACMO has partnered with Mohawk College to offer the RCM Exam online. The exam will be offered four times per year; March, May, September, and November. Each exam period runs for 6 days and continues to be a closed book exam with 3-1/2 hours in which to complete it.

At this time, the Refresher Course is not yet available online.

Exact exam dates will be announced closer to the month in which they are held. Check the ACMO website and event calendar at www.acmo.org for more information.

ACMO AGM – New Board of Directors
On April 30, 2021, ACMO held its Annual General Meeting. The membership was well represented with 88 individuals participating in the video conference and 242 members participating via proxy for a total of 330 members, far exceeding the requirements for meeting quorum.

During the meeting, the voting members passed By-Law #4 which amends By-Law #3 to allow future meetings and voting to be held entirely by electronic means.

There were four open positions on the board of directors to be filled through an election process. All nominees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and give a 2-minute presentation on how ACMO can remain viable and relevant to the members in light of the challenges facing the industry. Attendees voted for their choice through electronic means and quickly learned the results within a few minutes.

The following members were elected to ACMO’s Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting:

  • Courtney Cartmill, RCM
  • Mark Daye, RCM
  • Katherine Gow, RCM
  • Melissa Kirkaldie, RCM

These new directors join the following board members currently serving their 3-year term:

  • Juliet Atha, RCM
  • Vincent Bennett, RCM
  • Laura Lee, RCM
  • Craig MacMillan, RCM
  • Daniel Perez-Arteaga, RCM
  • Eric Plant, RCM
  • Catherine Murdock, RCM
  • Harry Nielsen, RCM
  • Sean Wilde, RCM

Thank you to all the enthusiastic and talented RCMs who accepted nominations to the board and participated in the nomination process.

The ACMO Board of Directors wishes to extend thanks and appreciation to Dean McCabe, Audrey McGuire, and Gabriela Shand, who finished their term of service with the ACMO board.

Welcome New RCMs
ACMO wishes to recognize those members who recently achieved their RCM designation, and have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a higher standard of condominium management. Congratulations to all!

  • Anne Bishop, RCM
  • Richard Chen, RCM
  • Kambiz Fahimi-Manzari, RCM
  • Setmir Faikovski, RCM
  • Nir Gurau, RCM
  • Ashlee Henry, RCM
  • Noah Johnston, RCM
  • Anne Makuch-Schjerning, RCM
  • Rose Maleki, RCM
  • Afreez Rahemtulla, RCM
  • Devika Seeraj, RCM

The Dawning of a New Era for ACMO
On April 1, 2021 ACMO took an important step in its organizational evolution by becoming self-managed. Established in 1977, ACMO was originally managed
by volunteers out of necessity, but with growth, they realized they needed help and decided to outsource the staffing and management of ACMO to BB&C Management Services in 1988. This arrangement served the association well and BB&C was instrumental in helping the association grow and succeed in subsequent years.

More recently, ACMO’s board of directors concluded that the association had matured and grown in complexity to the point that it would benefit from transitioning from a volunteer-led operation to one led by professional staff, with volunteers focused on guiding strategic direction and policy. The board initiated
this process in 2019 by hiring a full-time, dedicated Executive Director who undertook an organizational assessment and led the board and staff through a strategic
planning process. One of the resulting strategic goals was to become self-managed as a means of improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This was realized on April 1st, 2021.

ACMO has hired the BB&C staff that had been working with the association, and all processes and business relationships have been migrated over to ACMO.

A search is underway for new office space to accommodate the association’s small team of five but ACMO will continue sharing BB&C’s offices under a sub-lease arrangement during the search.

ACMO extends heartfelt thanks to BB&C Management Services for their dedicated service and support to the association over the years and wishes them every success in future.

City of Toronto Environment & Energy Initiatives
Better Buildings Navigation & Support Services provides building owners, operators, and property managers support navigating the process of improving the energy efficiency of their buildings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These improvements help decrease operating costs, increase occupant comfort, and improve the overall value of buildings.

Better Buildings Navigation & Support Services can help you to:

  • Identify potential energy efficiency opportunities in your building
  • Access available incentives and financing for identified projects
  • Overcome hurdles you may be facing with project implementation
  • Work with you one-on-one, offering tailored support every step of the way

Learn more at www.toronto.ca and search for Better Buildings Partnership or email: bbp@toronto.ca.

Another initiative is the Sustainable Towers Engaging People Program (STEP). The Step Program encourages and supports voluntary measures to improve the environmental efficiency of buildings in Toronto.

At no cost, this program helps property owners and managers reduce operating costs, improve building value and improve the quality of life for residents in Toronto. For a free assessment and benchmark of your building, or to learn more about STEP, contact tower@toronto.ca.

To learn more about these initiatives visit www.toronto.ca and search for Better Buildings Partnership or Sustainable Towers Engaging People Program.

Reporting Energy and Water Use in Large Buildings in Ontario
Large, privately owned buildings that are 100,000 square feet or more are required to annually report energy and water use to the ministry by July 1, 2021, unless it meets exemption criteria. To view the list of exemptions, go to www.ontario.ca/reportenergywater. 


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