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President's Message

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Message from the President || Katherine Gow, RCM

It is my great honour and privilege to serve as the President of ACMO. I thank you and my fellow board members for their support. I am excited about the course we have charted and am looking forward to the sunny shores upon which we will soon celebrate.

Our profession has increased exponentially in complexity in a staggeringly short time. Coupled with the new challenges COVID-19 has added to a market sector bursting at the seams, it should have been a recipe for catastrophe. Once again, condominium managers and, in particular, RCMs, have risen to the occasion. Adopting new technology at lightning speed, creating new policies and procedures, and implementing them at a moment’s notice while addressing our most important function is caring for people and their homes. I applaud my colleagues who have gone above and beyond during this extraordinary period.

This time has also demonstrated to us the merit of pivoting with agility: to assess risk and respond accordingly; to establish fundamental values and weigh decisions against them; to communicate as changes are implemented; to re-evaluate and strike a new course if needed. More than ever, it has demonstrated the value of a professional community where we have been able to share information to help the articulation of complicated public health guidance or changing legislation.

Such challenges and the unique concerns facing each of our communities have not always meant perfect solutions or execution. In this edition, shared stories highlight tenacity and the pragmatism of tirelessly seeking a positive resolution to often staggering adversity. Addressing issues head-on, overcoming shortfalls and collaboration have been used to foster new understandings and results. These are the essence of a masterful condominium manager — someone who can guide
the ship to a safe harbour in treacherous waters.

It requires a laser focus on the end goal, ironically one whose ultimate destination might shift significantly as the yarn unravels. It involves the commitment of the whole team to integrity, standards and a sense of duty. We have an exceptionally well-engaged membership, one that other professional organizations envy. In maintaining our focus and responding to the needs and desires of our professional community, we will be successful in achieving our shared goals: broadening our professional community, increasing awareness of the value of ACMO to its members and of those holding our designations, achieving organizational excellence and continuing to provide educational leadership in a changing world.

I thank you for your commitment to the end goal and for helping us get there together.

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