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Leader of the Year

Judy Statham, RCM

The Back Page || Judy Statham, RCM

As the recipient of ACMO’s Leader of the Year for 2020, in addition to being extremely honoured and excited to accept this award and join past recipients, it was cause for reflection on what it really means to be an RCM and member of ACMO.

I have been a member of ACMO for many years and in the condominium industry for over 25 years. Like many, I “fell” into the condominium industry, not realizing that it would become my passion and career. Fresh out of post-secondary school, I applied for an entry-level accounting position at a condominium management firm. I was asked what I knew about condominiums during my interview, and I cheekily said, “nothing, but I can spell it.” The rest is history!

Over the course of many years, different events and positions have strengthened me to make me the person I am today. My respect and association with ACMO started very early in my career and has remained an integral part of my success. The support, continuous education and professional development provided, along with the creation of a lifetime of professional relationships, are owed to ACMO. Earning and maintaining my RCM designation, supporting the ICC team to obtain their RCM designations, and ICC Property Management’s ACMO2000 certification and industry awards through ACMO has been invaluable to my success and the success of ICC Property Management Ltd.

The higher standard of education and respect in the industry for ACMO, RCM’s and ACMO 2000 certified firms set us apart from others in our industry. As an RCM, and with ICC being ACMO 2000 certified, we proudly teach the ACMO courses in-house to our staff. It gives me extreme pleasure watching the team learn and grow in their roles and obtaining their RCM designations.

With the support that the new generation of condominium managers receive from us, coupled with the continued engagement and interaction with ACMO, the next generation of condominium managers will undoubtedly flourish and grow and one day become the future ACMO Leaders of the Year.


Judy Statham, RCM, is President at ICC Property Management, an ACMO 2000 Certified firm. 


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