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President's Message

A Glance Back, and the Road Ahead.

Message from the President || Dean McCabe, RCM

I have started writing this, the last of my messages as President, several times. The version that you see before you is a combination of appreciation for the past 15
years on the Board of Directors of ACMO and optimism for the Association’s future.

In 2005, after the ACMO golf tournament at Cardinal Golf Course, I sat with a small group of ACMO Associates discussing the things that ACMO could do for its members. Roy Arluck pointed out that if I had the ideas and passion, I should run for the board – so, in April of 2006, I did just that. What an incredible adventure began with that decision.

I could probably fill the rest of this magazine with the 15 years that followed, but I won’t. I will take a moment to thank every board member and volunteer committee member that I have worked with. From my early days sitting at the end of the board table learning the ropes, I discovered that ACMO was a volunteer-driven organization. It took the passion, energy and commitment of all our members to drive the Association forward – and that you did.

I remember a policy advisor to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, remarking that he had never seen a group of volunteers so “devoted and passionate and willing to give of their time” as those of the condominium industry during the Condo Act revisions from 2012 – 2017.

In addition to our volunteers, we came to rely heavily on Amanda Curtis to lead ACMO and Janice Schenk, who helped elevate our educational program to the point that the government selected it to help launch the Ontario licensing requirements. The number of Registered Condominium Managers grew from 300 to just under 1000, and the RCM designation increased in reputation at the same time. I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank both of them for their efforts in ensuring that ACMO was the most recognizable name in the condominium industry and that it continues to move our profession forward.

The opportunity to travel the province, often as Armand Conant’s warm-up act (hey, a guy could do worse), speaking to condominium managers, listening to condo board members, and then representing their interests, was the most incredible privilege I could have imagined. The continuing education, networking opportunities, professional development program, and experiences that ACMO provides will continue to drive the designation forward. It will highlight those who pursue the RCM as a higher standard than those who only attain the minimum standards required by licensing.

Over the past three years, ACMO began the transition to an Association staffed by professionals ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet the demands of a growing membership and provide value to our members. Paul MacDonald and the team he is building at ACMO are dedicated to seeing our membership and sphere of influence grow in the coming years.

This spring, I will not be running for a sixth term on the board at our annual AGM. Please do not take that to mean that I will be any less an advocate for ACMO or any less visible and supportive of our mission. I leave knowing that there is a new crop of smart, energetic and passionate individuals poised to lead ACMO into the future. While I will continue to promote professionalism and change in our profession, I will do it as I seek to build my own brand within the condominium management space.

To board members and volunteers I have had the honour of working with over the past 15 years, thank you for your friendship and encouragement in the pursuit of our shared goal.

To those current and future RCM’s who are committed to being part of the best our profession has to offer, I will continue to stand with you as an RCM and a member of ACMO.

To those who will pick up the mantle and bring your passion and vision to ACMO, I will forever make myself available to counsel and encourage you.


Dean McCabe, RCM
ACMO President

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