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President’s Message

From a Managers Perspective

Message from the President || Dean McCabe, RCM

What is it that attracts people to a career in condominium management?

Yes, there is the fact that it is a stable profession in what can be an uncertain economy. Every time there is an economic downturn, we have people from other industries
looking to bring their transferable skills to condominium management. But there is so much more.

There’s the opportunity to impact the community you work in as local city councillors or elected officials do. It’s the chance to represent the community you manage to new residents and owners, the ability to set standards for services delivered by staff, and the responsibility to enforce rules to protect owners, residents and property.

We all know of managers who have sustained a relationship and presence in the communities they manage, to the point that they become part of the communities themselves – attending community BBQs and holiday gatherings as guests, not just as the staff. They form bonds of friendship with those that live in the properties they service.

The fact is, our professional duties are so varied that almost anyone can find a portion of the job that that relish and love. Most condo managers I meet say they “love their jobs,” but I am starting to realize that each of them may love something very different about their jobs – the opportunity to influence a community or the responsibility of long-term financial planning that will build value for the owners.

One common thread is that many condominium managers believe in the benefits of condo living. How many of you know a condominium manager who lives in a condo themselves or sits on a board of directors? How many board members have served their communities for years then pursued a career in condominium management?

So here is the secret. We offer the opportunity to get a true sense of job security, working for a cause you believe in and deliver real value to people you care about. Most experts will tell you that’s the recipe for real job satisfaction.

We all still dread the full moon, rainstorms, and long board meetings. But if you are looking for a manager’s perspective of condominium living, you likely need not look any further than the reasons why many managers love this profession.

We’ll talk again soon . . .

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