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What Does Being an RCM Mean to You?

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Michael Trendota, William Colucci, Jasmina Bahtijarevic

"The RCM designation is my way of showing my experience and expertise in the condominium management industry. The RCM is a visible reminder to the board members, owners, and professionals that I work with that I have invested time and effort into furthering my skills. When hiring managers for my growing firm, I look for confident, skilled, and experienced managers. This is why I look for the RCM designation in all of my hires."

Michael Trendota, RCM
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Alwington Communities Inc.


"It is not often that I stop to think about what my RCM designation means to me. However, I know that it impacts my whole life, my sense of who I am, my integrity
and my intellectual and personal ideals.

This designation has fulfilled my desire to keep on learning, studying, and applying what I have learned. As an RCM, a community can benefit from my knowledge
and experience, and I can now have intelligent discussions with lawyers, engineers,
and accountants. I am proud to have RCM after my name."

William Colucci, RCM
Senior Property Manager
City Towers Property Management Inc.


"Being an RCM means I follow codes and compliance standards with commitment, hard work, and dedication in serving the condominium industry."

Jasmina Bahtijarevic, RCM
Condominium Manager
Del Property Management Inc.

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