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The Importance of Maintaining Membership

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Henry Dwinnell

Retaining both my ACMO membership and the RCM designation has been, and continues to be, important to me and my career for a variety of reasons. I got my start in the industry over 30 years ago at Blue Mountain Resorts in Collingwood, working in their Hotel and Convention department. But when they began planning the development of townhome condominiums, I began commuting to Humber College in Toronto to take ACMO’s condominium management courses in preparation for managing these townhomes.

At the time, the courses were taught by industry leaders such as Andy Wallace, John Dzenekoj, Bob St. George, and Myrna Plaggenborg. The insights gained through the courses allowed us to manage the new townhomes professionally, and through ACMO, we were able to connect with consultants for technical audits, reserve fund studies and professional trades.

During my tenure as a property manager, I served a three-year term on the board of directors for ACMO. We knew the association was going to be a crucial support network for a fast-growing industry. Under the direction of Don Braden, we promoted the association throughout the province, educating managers on the vision of ACMO and the objective of the RCM designation. It was during these three years that Don Braden teasingly asked me numerous times why I had left the beautiful Blue Mountain Resorts to move back to Toronto to manage condominiums. While I loved the atmosphere of the resort town of Collingwood, I was motivated by wedding plans, starting a family and the growth of the Toronto condominium market. I felt that the city was where I was going to be able to make the most significant impact in our industry and support the association’s mission.  Funny enough, one day, many years later, I received a phone call from Don Braden proudly telling me, “I am calling you from my new job at your old desk at Blue Mountain Village, and I love it!” 

In 2002, after many positive years in property management, I joined Tri-Can Contract Incorporated. I was involved in multiple renovations during my time as a manager, and I was able to draw on and leverage my previous condo management experience in my new role in sales and project management.

Maintaining my relationships within the industry through ACMO and having the RCM designation beside my name has been invaluable. Both property managers and board of directors appreciate that I have continued with my education in the industry and giving them an extra level of confidence in my ability to add value and service them professionally during major interior refurbishments.

Over my 30+ year history in the industry, my network has grown exponentially. I enjoy connecting with managers and being able to stay current with the changes happening in the condominium market. Continuing my education and maintaining my ACMO membership and RCM designation facilitates stimulating conversations with property managers and keeps me well-informed on the current issues and events. I am also continuously corresponding with property managers about the projects and challenges in their buildings, helping them to find solutions – whether related to our construction services, or for other services in the industry – it’s all about the networking.

With the introduction of government licensing, it is no longer possible to maintain the RCM designation if you are not a practicing property manager. However, I am delighted that ACMO created the RCM Non-Practicing designation for members like myself. Although I am no longer required to accrue continuing education points, I am continuing my education through ACMO’s webinars, online resources, the annual conference, monthly luncheons, and social events. Doing so keeps me connected with managers and industry leaders so I can stay current in an ever-changing profession.

I greatly appreciate the exciting 33-year journey that ACMO has taken me on, filled with education, networking opportunities and fond memories. 


Henry Dwinnell, RCM Non-Practicing, has been Project Manager at Tri-Can Contract Incorporated for the past 17 years.

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