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Looking Back … and New Beginnings

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

Reflecting on 2019 it has been a most challenging and eventful year with a precipitous learn- ing curve not only for condominium managers but all professionals and stakeholders within the industry.

On a positive note, we’ve maintained a healthy membership with solid retention rates for returning members. At a recent ACMO luncheon, I asked a long-standing member if they recognized most members in the room and the response was “No”. I personally view this as a milestone and an indication of success in evolving the diversity of our membership. It’s encouraging to see new members forming strong professional relationships that will enhance their careers and those of their direct reports, as well as their condominium boards, residents and all stakeholders.

The main highlight for the year was the annual Condominium Conference in October with a change in venue. ACMO and CCI-Toronto worked in close partnership for a solid year to deliver a modern, new conference with a fresh program and I think we succeeded. The majority of attendee exit surveys were overwhelmingly positive, and this feedback will assist us in making 2020 conference even better.

In November, we hosted our annual ACMO Awards Luncheon to honour the best of the best in our industry. Behind the scenes, the Awards Selection Committee met for the difficult task of evaluating the nominees. After much-spirited dialogue and debate the top candidates were selected and I extend a special congratulations to all of them.

Just recently the board and staff of ACMO participated in a 2-day strategic planning session to lay the groundwork for a new strategic plan to guide ACMO in the coming years. The industry is evolving rapidly, and our plans need to evolve accordingly to ensure our continued relevance. Elsewhere in this publication, our Executive Director will share some thoughts on this.

As we move into the holiday season, I wish all a safe and happy holiday season and the preciousness of time to share with your loved ones and families. I look forward to new beginnings in 2020 and the continued support and commitment of our members. Let’s continue to be ‘loud and proud’ of our industry and condominium management, the profession of choice!

Quote of the day from Dave Kerpen: “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness”

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