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Our Industry’s Best – 2019 ACMO Awards

Each year, ACMO honours the finest of the condominium industry with its annual awards. Individuals are nominated by fellow peers, board members (and this year an entire board!), professionals and trades in various award categories. Submissions are reviewed and tabulated by the Awards Committee chaired in 2019 by ACMO president Audrey McGuire, RCM. Committee members include John Abedrabbo, Armand Conant, James Davidson, Peter Leong, Sally Thompson. Board liaison for Awards Vincent Bennett.

We are pleased to recognize the following recipients with our 2019 annual honours for industry achievement:

Alexander Vainshtein, RCM, MANAGER OF THE YEAR

ACMO’s premier award presented to a Registered Condominium Manager who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and dedication to professional condominium property management. 


Presented to a Registered Condominium Manager who has demonstrated team leadership in business practices, and/or in the development of professional property managers.


Presented to an employee of an ACMO Associate firm who has made an exceptional contribution to ACMO or the condominium industry in Ontario.


Presented to a condominium manager who is new in the profession and has displayed exceptional service.

In future editions of CM magazine, you can read commentaries by these outstanding recipients. Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to the many engaged and enthusiastic people who submitted nominations.


Tarion Issues New Disclosures

Tarion will implement two new measures pursuant to its mandate “to improve and simplify the new home purchasing process with a focus on informed decision-making”  for consumers. These measures are: 1) New search tools on Tarion’s Ontario Builder Directory that show information about a development project and builder history; and 2) a detailed information sheet that outlines potential risks associated with the purchase of certain pre-construction condominiums. You can view the full news release here.


Ontario Electricity Rebate

The Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines introduced the new Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) effective November 1, 2019, for households, farms, long- term care homes, small businesses and residential multi-unit complexes, like apartments and condominiums.

The OER will replace the 8% rebate and the reduction previously provided through Regulated Price Plan (RPP) rates, as well as the Global Adjustment (GA) reduction. As a result, the Electricity line on bills will rise, the OER will provide an increased percentage rebate, and the average residential bill will increase in line with inflation.

Follow the links below for more information:

Letter from the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines

Changes to your electricity bill


Fire Code Enforcement: Recent Crackdown Affects Multi-Level Condominiums

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario joins CCI-Toronto in bringing this communication to managers and directors.

Toronto Fire Services and a growing number of other municipal Fire Services from outside the GTA have begun an inspection blitz at all high-rise residential buildings, including multi-unit condominium corporations, to ensure compliance with the Ontario Fire Code, a regulation under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. Fire Services have instructed all inspectors to visit each building at least once per year. All Toronto Notices of Violation are listed on the publicly accessible Toronto Fire Services website.

Various Fire Services are taking a “zero tolerance” position (i.e., a very firm and comprehensive approach) with respect to Fire Code compliance inspections. Specifically, 300 new fire inspectors have been hired and Toronto Fire Services and other Fire Services are issuing Notices of Violation for building conditions which were not previously inspected. Of course, the work of Fire Services throughout Ontario seeks to ensure that the lives of Ontario residents are prioritized over and above cost considerations, with a view to saving lives.

Though there has been a zero-tolerance approach to all Fire Code sections, particular attention has been given to Part Seven, (which deals with inspection, testing, notification and maintenance of certain fire emergency systems), specifically as that part applies to smoke control systems in high-rises. As detailed attention is paid to this section of the Fire Code, directors and managers should be aware that fire inspection vendors have not historically addressed Part Seven Fire Code requirements. Among other criteria, these requirements include pressurization fans, door closers, records of tests and inspections, voice communications and safety plan inclusions.

ACMO and CCI-T each support treating these Notices of Violation as a life safety emergency and recommend that the emergency protocols itemized in management service contracts be used to resolve any noted deficiencies. In addition, it should come as no surprise that while inspecting for Part Seven Code compliance, all other fire-related items are also typically reviewed by Fire Services.

ACMO and CCI-T agree that immediate resolution of any noted deficiencies is critical to maintaining a good relationship with local Fire Services. Directors are advised to support an “immediate resolution approach” in order to ensure the health and safety of the condo corporation’s residents and to maintain a good reputation in their condominium.


Tridel Named OHBA Home Builder of the Year for Fourth Time

Congratulations to Tridel, the parent company of DEL Property Management, and Canada’s largest builder of condominium homes, who was named 2019 Ontario Home Builder of the Year at the OHBA’s Awards of Distinction ceremony earlier. The victory marked the fourth time Tridel has walked away with the evening’s top prize, which high- lights an OHBA member company that demonstrates excellence within their business, industry and community.

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