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Professionalism Brings Tangible Value

Message from the President

Message from the President || Audrey McGuire, RCM

A warm welcome once again to our members as we glide into the fall season. One thing we can count on in this industry is change, and it’s clear it is becoming more aggressive and more frequent than anyone can keep up.

At the same time our industry is evolving and moving in a positive direction, and although it will not happen overnight, we are certainly working towards enhancing professional management to benefit both boards and managers.

Like any industry within the management spectrum, key fundamentals – planning, decision-making, organization and, most importantly, leadership – are valuable concepts and tools that can be implemented for successful condominiums.

Leadership in our industry is at a critical stage as management companies and boards are faced with the reality of a shortage of property managers, and anticipating that many of our members plan to retire within the next five years, management companies and boards of directors have to reassess their budgets for engaging management services. While supply and demand has dictated and driven the cost of these services, there must also continue to be an industry- wide commitment to professionalism and the tangible value that it brings.

Administrative support is key to retaining condominium managers. This permits managers to focus on the actual job of management versus administration. Companies who offer this will be more attractive to managers and assist in recruiting millennials who we know seek a solid work/life balance. Mentorship programs that partner new professionals with seasoned managers will help to ensure continuity in service to boards of directors into the future. Our industry is blessed to have many talented property managers who can mentor and pass the torch over to our future managers with a realistic succession plan. The key is enticing our new generation to enter the career path of condominium management.

As we approach our second year anniversary of licensing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their dedication and commitment to this industry. It has been a very challenging time for all of us and I thank you sincerely for the passion and drive I witness on a regular basis. We are a strong team as we work together to make this industry a “profession of choice”.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and most of all be safe and kind to one another!

Quote of  the  day by Audrey M. McGuire, “I can, I will, I do”.


Audrey M. McGuire, RCM ACMO President


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