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A Passionate Commitment

Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director || Paul MacDonald

As I write this, my very first message to CM Magazine readers, I have been in the post of Executive Director of ACMO for a mere 15 days. You can be forgiven for wondering why I would presume to write a message at this juncture. While I bring 25 years of experience in association management to ACMO, the field of condominium management is new to me, so I have much to learn. The 16th century poet John Donne once wrote that “No man is an island entire of itself”. I’ll be taking his advice to heart in the coming weeks and months as I ‘look, listen and learn’ and get up to speed about ACMO and our industry.

Luckily for me, ACMO’s long-time Executive Director, Amanda Curtis, is just down the hallway and will be available to provide organizational memory and assist me in my transition. ACMO is indebted to Amanda for her years of steadfast leadership and it’s clear to me that I have large shoes to fill. Thank you, Amanda!

Thus far, my days have been spent assimilating mountains of information and tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of our community by conducting interviews with ACMO members, staff, board members (past and present) and a variety of stakeholders within the condo field. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend my first board meeting, something that doesn’t typically happen in your first week on the job! All of this has been very informative and useful not only for my orientation, but also to help frame the considerable challenges and opportunities that ACMO faces going forward.

The good news is that it’s very evident to me that ACMO benefits from a professional staff and board of directors who share a passionate commitment to our association and the significant opportunities that lie ahead. They are focused on ensuring that ACMO continues to deliver tangible value to its loyal members and does what is necessary to stay relevant within the condominium industry. These are two of the key strategic imperatives that will be explored at a professionally facilitated strategic planning session for board and staff to be held in the fall. Leading up to the planning session we will be gathering inputs from a wide variety of stakeholders. The output of this process will be a new strategic and operating plan to help guide the organization over the next three years.

In addition to our strategic planning session, I’m looking forward to attending the Condo Conference in October and connecting with both ACMO and CCI members and stakeholders. It will be another opportunity for me to “add people to the island”, so to speak. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to share your thoughts on what ACMO should be doing to stay ahead of the curve in the future – I will be listening.

See you at the Condo Conference!

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