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Annual Member Awards:

Recognizing Friendships and Bonds with ACMO Honours

The Back Page || Dianne Werbicki

It’s always a pleasure to attend the Annual Member Recognition Luncheon, especially when the opportunity arises to meet up with some of this Association’s original and founding members.

Catching up in the main photo above is this “Fab Four” from left to right: Richard Pearlstein, RCM, Northcan Property Management Inc., (receiving recognition for 40 years as an active and energetic ACMO member); Ron Outram, RCM (ACMO past-president and founding member); Pat Savoy, RCM (receiving Lifetime Award inset photo); and Peter Webb, RCM Property Management Guild Inc. (Lifetime Award recipient in 2018).

Pat Savoy is one of ACMO’s early members who, along with a small group of determined condominium managers, was instrumental in getting ACMO off the ground running.

“It was great to receive the lifetime membership, and seeing Richard Pearlstein and Peter Webb brought back memories of hours spent working to keep the Association going in the early days. Without them and Ron Outram, a founding member, there would likely not be an Association today.”

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