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Message from the Executive Director || Amanda Curtis

Spring is said to signify a time of optimism and a time for a fresh start. ACMO plans for the coming months reflect both of these descriptions.

We have recently conducted two surveys, a Condominium Manager Compensation Survey and an ACMO Member Needs Survey. Participation by the various groups surveyed is greatly appreciated.

The Member Needs Survey went to RCMs and general members. Over 61% of respondents have held ACMO membership for 5 years and longer, and 71% reported education as the key reason for belonging, with advocacy, networking and communications each hovering around the 10% mark. Both positive comments and areas for improvement were received, and we assure you that Your Opinion Counts! In the area of education, a need for shorter programs in locations across the province as well as points east and north of the GTA was identified. A joint luncheon is already scheduled with CCI Huronia Chapter, breakfast sessions and workshops are being planned; and we note the overwhelming request for webinars, livestream and recorded offerings.

The Compensation Survey, which had an exceptionally high response rate, went to ACMO members who currently hold the RCM designation or are enrolled in courses, as well as those who had met the standard in the past but are no longer members. 94% of those participating hold the General Licence issued by CMRAO, with half reporting the licence fee as being covered by their employer. Respondents were from across the province, although with the density of condominium living in the GTA it will come as no surprise that just over half managed properties in the GTA. A majority of total respondents (62%) have responsibility for between 250 and 1,000 units.

Recognition of the educational and corporate standards established by ACMO was clearly evident. Current RCM respondents reported annual salaries 12.5% and almost 25.5% higher than former RCMs and current or former candidates, respectively. Higher salaries were also reported by the 64% who work with ACMO 2000 Certified firms.

Of course, ACMO will always represent our members in every way possible. The Association enjoys a positive and open relationship with the CMRAO, and is scheduled to meet with the Minister of Government and Consumer Services next month.

Last, but certainly not least, Condo Conference 2019 will be held at The Beanfield Centre (Exhibition Place) on October 4 and 5. A new date, a new look and a new venue directly accessible by Go Train promises a great opportunity for condominium managers, corporation directors and the many professionals providing services to the condominium industry. Plan to be there!

We thank all CM Magazine readers for their support and direction. With a strong individual membership and growing list of ACMO 2000 certified firms, ACMO looks forward to working together to promote and enhance professional condominium management across Ontario.

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