Advancing your Career as a Condominium Property Manager
Advancement in your career is a very common goal. Whether you are motivated by recognition, financially, or you are naturally drawn to challenges; most individuals will reach a point where they are ready to take a step up.

Planning for Success: Tips for Short- and Long-Term Planning
We all know that Condos are “not-for-profit” corporations acting within specific regulations set by governments, Corporation’s Declaration, rules and policies with a view to all other Acts, Codes and Laws with limitations.

Recipe for Stress-Free AGM Preparation
Preparing for an AGM involves a lot of work and can be quite stressful. The new Act adds a few new requirements, but also provides a few ways to facilitate things.

Managing a Manager’s Workload
Time Management Tips for Condominium Property Managers

How to Retain Successful Condominium Managers
The condominium industry landscape is always shifting. Market and regulatory pressures mean you need to have property managers in place who can juggle both while meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Is it ever okay to say ‘no’ to the condominium board?
When you’ve been hired to manage a condominium, it can sometimes put you in a difficult position. If you’re doing your job properly, then serious conflicts will be avoided. But what happens when the condominium board sets out a policy that goes against the advice of management?

Tips for Dealing with Trauma as a Condominium Manager
Over my 20-year history as a Condominium Manager I have encountered several traumatic situations that have challenged my strength, experience and perseverance including two fires that exceeded 5 million dollars in property damage. I have learned from the “highs and lows” and encourage Condominium Managers to consider the following tips