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Few things affect the quality of life in a building more than an elevator that is undergoing seemingly constant maintenance. In this video, we explore strategies for ensuring elevator maintenance is kept to a minimum including instituting a regular maintenance schedule and choosing the best at time of installation or upgrade.

The second part of the presentation explores current and proposed regulations intended to promote consumer protections in the elevator industry.

Eligible for .5 RCM CE points

Special thanks to Thyssenkrup Elevators, F. Shaw Consulting, Del Property Management, and TSSA for their contributions to this video.



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There are many things to consider when undergoing a retrofit project for a condominium building or community. Where do you start? Who do you contact first? How much is it going to cost? In this video, we talk to the experts to find out how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Eligible for .5 RCM CE points

Special thanks to Ozz Electric, Remy Consulting Engineers, and Del Property Management for sharing their expertise.




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Whether in buildings or on the grounds of a townhome community, contractors become part of a condominium’s management team working in close proximity to residents’ homes. A project’s success often depends on the quality of the working relationship between the condominium manager and contractor.

In this video, we explore ways to ensure a strong relationship is established from the beginning so that everyone wins in the end.

Eligible for .5 RCM CE points

Special thanks to Condor Security, ADM Design, and Durabond Building Maintenance for their support for this project.




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Garages and basements are prone to flooding, which can present a nightmare situation for condominium managers. In this video, we talk to experts to learn about preventative steps you can take to lessen the chance of flooding, and what you can do if you find yourself knee-deep in water in the middle of the night.

Eligible for .5 RCM CE points

Thanks to OnSide Restoration, Dodds Garage Door Systems, and Remy Consulting Engineers for lending their expertise to this project.




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Replacing a roof is a major project for any condominium community and requires strict attention to detail on the part of the condominium manager to ensure nothing is overlooked.

In this video, we discuss inspections, maintenance, roofing systems, and phasing of projects.

Eligible for .5 RCM CEUs

Special thanks goes to our panel of experts from AAA Roofmasters and Synergy Partners for lending their expertise to this project.




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In this video of ACMO’s 2018 Education Series, condominium managers learn how to guide their buildings through the LEED certification process and sustain their certification.

Eligible for .5 RCM CE points

Special thanks to WSP for contributing to this project.