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Job Details:
Company: Taft Management
Position:  Condominium Manager
Location: Toronto
Date Posted: 2018-12-20
ob Description:

General Duties and Responsibilities of a
Condominium Manager

 To obtain quotations, negotiate and engage competent, reputable and competitive
service contractors for reasonable regular ongoing maintenance and repairs for items
such as (but not limited to):
1. Heating Equipment and Air Conditioning Equipment;
2. Landscaping;
3. Snow Removal;
4. Concrete Surfaces;
5. Exterior Painting and Repairs;
6. Elevators;
7. Janitorial Services;
8. Garbage Removal.
 To purchase at current rates all supplies, fuel and other materials necessary for the
property maintenance and operation of the premises;
 To hire, supervise and dismiss all employees and other labour required for the
security, operation and maintenance of the Property, set wages and working
conditions and to pay wages; to make all payments to government authorities with
respect to their employment;
 To make or cause to be made and to supervise such incidental repairs and alterations
to the Property as the Manager may deem necessary as would be reasonably expected
from a conscientious manager. In addition, make frequent inspections of the Property
and common areas and report on a regular basis to the Board the status of these areas
as they pertain to maintenance together with recommendations for repairs or
replacements as necessary;
 In addition, where necessary, provide specifications and obtain bids for materials,
equipment and services required;
 Oversee day-to-day management and operations of the portfolio in conjunction with
the Director of Operations;
 Ensure regular inspections are performed of the properties with recommendations for
significant and unbudgeted improvements submitted to the Board, while day-to-day
maintenance issues should be acted on based on the unilateral judgment;
 Ensure excellent resident(s) /owner(s) relations through personal contact and
excellent customer service. Oversee a Condominium Manager roles and
responsibilities to ensure all Events at the property are conducted with the highest
level of professionalism and standards are maintained;
 Interact with all property staff to ensure high standards are maintained in accordance
with established policies and Company “Service” philosophy;
 Interact and effectively communicate directly with the Board on financial
performance, property operations, and other issues as deemed necessary;
 Responsible for preparing and operating within an approved annual budget;
analyzing monthly financial statements and preparation of monthly/quarterly
management reports; ensure owner billings and collect monthly condominium fees;
 Responsible for issuing Certificate of Lien and Status Certificates;
 Obtaining quotes for building’s insurance and have it reviewed and approved and
approved by Board and thereafter annual renewal of the insurance;
 Engage an auditor for the turnover and/or year-end audits of the Corporation
 Enforce corporate documents (Declaration, By Laws, Rules etc.) and advise Board
regarding same.
 Organize meetings with the Board on a timely basis;
 Prepare meeting notices (Annual General Meeting, Special Meeting etc.);
 Ensure a Reserve Fund Study and /or update is done as required and the contribution
amount is included in the budget as per signed Form 15;
 Ensure a Performance Audit is completed as required;
 Advise the Board of Investment opportunities of Reserve Funds;
 Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Property Administration team to ensure
accounts receivable are maintained at an acceptable level, and accounts payable
invoicing is processed in a timely manner;
 Manage and administer third party contracts such as janitorial, security services, and
parking services to ensure policies and procedures are being maintained;
 Ensure all Service Contracts are current and conform to the most recent policies of
Responsible Contracting Principles;
 Ensure efficient operation, maintenance and repair of properties including
compliance with government regulations, achievement of maintenance/life safety
standards and sourcing cost effective ways to operate;
 Oversee Security and Life Safety department to ensure policies and procedures are
current and adhered too, and regular Fire and Life Safety Drills and Seminars are
conducted as required;
 Supervise and/or develop appropriate operating procedures for the properties
ensuring legislative or regulatory requirements are adhered to and emergency
response procedures are regularly updated;
 Interact with onsite operations staff giving clear and concise direction for overall
objectives pertaining to company “Service” philosophy;
 Complete understanding and adherence to the Environmental Policy, the Code of
Conduct and other policies and procedures relevant to the position as prescribed from
time to time;
 Co-ordinate the efficient operation of the property’s facilities including maintenance,
janitorial, security, life safety measures, utilities, voice and data systems and minor
renovation and base building projects;
 Review and provide input into the planning and implementation of accommodation
and base building projects to ensure that work is completed within budget and
 Plan and co-ordinate operational activities for assigned portfolio, accommodation
and base building projects and other special projects including review and monitoring
of financial activities to ensure performance benchmarks are achieved;
 Ensure adherence to City Policies and Procedures;
 Responsible for supervising all aspects of building operations and maintenance
within the operating budget;
 Immediate follow-up of site cleaning and/or repairs as necessary;
 Supervision of all work done by outside contractors;
 Secure contracts and repair quotations as necessary and as directed;
 Assist in planning and preparation of Operating Cost and Capital Budget preparation;
 Prepare inspection reports as directed;
 As required, respond to building emergencies and oversee the response;
 As directed by the Board, plan and manage construction work;
 Work with the Board to ensure the property is reaching full financial potential
through capital improvement suggestions and all operation expenditures are kept
within budget;
 Manage external service providers including consultants, and other contractors to
ensure that the delivery of facilities services is done according to Board’s
expectations and contractual obligations;
 Respond to emergency situations in relation to facilities;
 Manage assigned projects, including outside contractors; and monitor all work that
is being done to help ensure success;
 Conduct regular inspections of facilities for compliance, Board’s satisfaction and
asset integrity;
 Administer environmental and energy management strategies and initiatives;
 Ensure Board’s satisfaction; identify / monitor issues as they arise and implement
prompt solutions;
 Implement and manage a preventative and corrective maintenance program to ensure
compliance with applicable regulations and asset integrity;
 Ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety policies, regulations,
legislation and cultivate a workplace where health and safety is a priority for
residents, owners and contractors;
 Assist with development of operating and capital budgets; manage budgets for
assigned areas of responsibility;
 Other duties as required and assigned by the Senior Management.
E-mail resume and references along with CAO Licence and RCM certification