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CM cover Winter 2015

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In This Issue:

To reflect the educational mandate of CM Magazine, we are pleased to introduce the inaugural Best Practices Edition. Condominium managers are required to have a wide breadth of knowledge as demonstrated by the variety of articles that have been submitted for this issue. For managers who are new to the industry, or for seasoned managers, we hope you will take away some useful best pratices to assist you in your manager’s role. Watch for a complementary series of best practices podcasts to be launched on in 2016.

We edge closer to Bill 106 becoming law. It has now passed Third Reading. Review the presentation made by members of ACMO’s board of directors to the Standing Committee on page 45.

The 19th Annual Condominium Conference – Leading the Way – broke all records for attendance, trade show exhibitors, sponsorship and speakers. You can read about some of the highlights in our pictorial on pages 40-43.

Last issue we launched an online web-friendly version of CM Magazine. We hope you have had a chance to check it out. As we look forward, CM Magazine will be undergoing a refresh in the new year. Watch for the contemporary new look and let us know what you think.

On the Cover:

Touring the conference floor and a stop at the ACMO booth: Dean McCabe, RCM; Chris Ballard, MPP; and Catherine Murdock, RCM.

Photo: Ferenaz Lalji

Design: Maracle Press