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Advocacy Update

ACMO strives to support the membership through advocacy and represent the collective voice of condominium managers in Ontario. We’ll provide periodic reports of the ways ACMO works on your behalf.

ACMO Leaders Meet with New Ministry Staff

As there is a new Minister of Government and Consumer Services, ACMO representatives introduced ourselves to members of the Minister’s staff to ensure they were aware they could reach out to ACMO for comment or feedback on ongoing regulatory changes. Audrey McGuire, Dean McCabe and Janice Schenk met on October 2nd with the Minister’s Director of Stakeholders and Director of Policy.

Dean McCabe Speaks to Zoomer Radio

If you were listening to Zoomer Radio on the morning of September 20, you would have heard the familiar voice of Dean McCabe, Vice President of ACMO’s Board of Directors. Dean, along with Denise Lash of Lash Condo Law, appeared on a call-in segment to take questions from condominium owners about the upcoming legalization of cannabis. He discussed the challenges from a manager’s perspective and provided strategies that various corporations are using to prepare for this major change in the condominium landscape.