Condominium Management Standards Council Members

The Condominium Management Standards Council was established to supervise and manage the ACMO 2000 certification process. The Council’s members are to include the major stakeholders in the condominium community including a lawyer, an accountant, a property manager holding an R.C.M. designation , a member of the community holding an ACCI designation, a person with considerable experience as a condominium board director and a senior representative of an ACMO 2000 Certifiede member.

The detailed mandate of the Council is to:

  • pick auditors and award certification
  • seek resolution to complaints
  • develop a schedule of penalties for non-compliance to the standards
  • provide adjudication on ACMO 2000 audit disputes
  • produce an annual report on statistics and performance measurements
  • make recommendations to the ACMO 2000 Committee on any changes to the standards or the Program operation.
  • provide profile in condominium community

The members of the Council are:


Chris Jaglowitz, B.A. (Hons.), J.D., ACCI.


Hitesh Doshi


Chris Antipas, RCM, ACCI

Ernie Nyitrai

Saul York

Stephanie Cox, RCM

Stephen Chesney CA

ACMO 2000 Auditor

The ACMO 2000 program requires an independent auditor to assess whether an applicant has met the quality standards. The chosen auditor is one of the largest ISO implementers in North America. The auditor also has offices throughout Ontario which permits efficient auditing of all applicants. The ACMO 2000 auditor is:

BSI Management Systems Canada Inc.
6205 Airport Rd,
Suite 102
Mississauga, ON L4V 1E1